Secondary Insight and Bonisagus pregen

I noticed that Secondary Insight is now a minor virtue according to Errata, but nothing has changed in the pregen of the magus of House Bonisagus, in which this virtue is used.

It's clear that the pregen isn't broken in terms of the rules, but I'd like it to be tweaked somehow to accommodate this change as well.

I brought this up to David already. It probably just hasn't hit the errata yet. I'm not sure what he's doing with it. I just send him pile of errata and leave the heavy lifting to him.

As @callen says, this just hasn't hit the online errata yet. It's in my latest version of the file. I generally try to send the file to Atlas during a lull in errata suggestions, which we aren't in at the moment.

This erratum says:

Bonisagus Template (p. 24): Secondary Insight has been errata'd to be a Minor Virtue. Move it to the end of the Minor Virtues, and drop Driven to be a Minor Flaw, to balance.


While we are talking about the Bonisagus pre-gen. Their Magic Theory score should be 4+2 rather than 4 to take into account their Puissant MT.

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Sorry, I must have overlooked your post.

Cool, thank you!

Yup. I pointed that out to him, too, at the same time. I expect if one's waiting to hit the errata, the other is as well.

Indeed it is.