Secret of Kells

It's not necessarily Ars related, but nevertheless,

Has anyone seen this film yet?

I'm watering at the mouth to see it with my ten-year-old and am wondering if I'm over-eager.

Matt Ryan

Looks nice. Any chance someone could post a review once they've seen it..?

Taken away for a moment there, exploring their site, and I'm right up there with you. There is something to its lines and symbolic imagery that has a spiritual quality to it; one that draws me in.

I recall having heard the name or seen the title somewhere in passing but certainly didn't give it enough notice - and by an interesting coincidence one of our last 'larger' stories involved the Book of Kells as a mythical and spiritul center.

Thank you for sharing this - afraid I've got no review to offer, but I'll certainly make sure to see it when able.