Seeking an item you want - Albion Online

I love mmorpgs, one of them being Albion Online! However, I recently have a grudge with how the game's economy is being handled... As in every RPG, the more and cooler items you have for your character the better you are. In Albion Online it's not easy to get the epic items you want, which is as it should be, however the rng there is killing the experience totally! It took me around 6 months to get the desired sword! 6 freakin months you hear me? Now, despite this game being F2P it is important to note that it's also heavily P2W. I saw the same sword to be purchased at, which isn't in accordance of devs' rules, but certainly was more logical, because was priced at 5$. I didn't break, I didn't buy it, and had to farm for a good half a year to get this only one item! Call me what you want, but if I would have a chance to go back in time, I would happily pay 5$ and save myslef this farming hardship. I love this game heartly, so am not even thinking about leaving it. I bought it back when it wasn't F2P, and have a lot more time spent in Albion, so it's almost impossible for me to quit it. Either way, the second I find a similarly good deal I won't hesitate and I don't care what devs think about it, the game shouldn't be so strict when it comes to farming! It's as simple as that!