Seeking collaborators for an overhaul project

Hello. If you have spent any amount of time on this forum, you may have noticed that I occasionally "publish" (that is, dump into threads as standalone homebrews) some mechanics-related material for the wider scrutiny.

Well, it so appears that I've got enough mechanics to begin compiling them into a semi-standalone overhaul of Ars mechanics to align with a vision of mine and my collaborator's.

If you would be interested in starting discourse on the subject, please send me a private message, or reply here - I will provide you with details and materials to critique and enrich with your own thoughts and opinions.

This is an open letter to anyone willing to help me in this years-in-making project. I would be delighted to have you.

Oh, and Happy New Year!


Color me interested. 5E does need some kind of overhaul and rethink. Too many skills, not enough xp granted in character creation awarded, lots of fiddly bits, extremely complex character creation (too many flaws required, no options for epic or heroic levels of play), lack of clarity of how companions are even gained, excessive accounting, not enough storyguide advice for powerlevels etc...

Could you sum up this 'Vision' (of you and you collaborators)?


The primary drive was, and is, the restructuring of spell guidelines. To this end, we have devised a set of highly detailed, Form-agnostic "meta-guidelines" - building blocks from which you can make up many more guidelines as desired.

Another drive is to examine some of the mechanics I personally find unsatisfactory (such as covenant finances and lab design) and adjust them to be either simpler, more compelling, or simply align with what we feel is right.

We will do this with most of the game, adjusting and remaking whatever we feel needs adjusting and remaking. Of course, I don't have an issue with many default things (otherwise AM5 wouldn't be my favorite game) in which case these sections will be simply touched up, or left alone.

I hope this explains this 'vision' to you :slight_smile:

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I'd love to see this, even if (as I suspect) I will disagree with it :slight_smile:


I'm in !

I would like to take a look and offer feedback.