Seismic : one yellow cube short


I know that this problem doesn't relate to all the problems in the world nowadays but hey, what really does?
Ok, I bought Seismic a while ago and we noticed there was one yellow cube short. As we're both boardgamers and boardgamecollectors, we wrote to Atlas in the mid of December but this went unanswered. Alas...
So : does anyone know who I could contact for this? Or if these can be bought somewhere?

Thanks a lot,

For this kind of issue, send an e-mail to (info)@[atlas-games].{com} with your postal address and we'll drop a new yellow cube to you in the mail. (Get rid of all the brackets in the e-mail address, obviously.)

We have been a bit behind in answering e-mail to that address over the holidays, and it's always possible that any given e-mail got lost in our spam filter (we get lots of spam at that account), so if that's the e-mail address you tried in the first place, you can also e-mail me directly: (jeff)@[atlas-games].{com} and I'll take care of it personally.

Thanks for your patience!

Goodevening Jeff,

The mail has just been sent :slight_smile:
thanks a lot [again],