Selling off some old 3e/4e books

Hi all,

I'm selling off some of my older parts of my Ars Magica collection. The prices are "or best offer," and I do mean that. Feel free to PM me, or call/text me via the phone number in the advertisement. Items will be shipping from BC, Canada.

3e+4e Books
Mythic Perspectives, issues 2-7,9-11.


I might be interested in the Mythic Perspective fanzine, depending on the shipping costs and which ones I'm missing. I'll check which ones I do have when I get back home. Do you have any estimate as to what the shipping costs to Spain would be?

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I just sent the link for the 3e/4e stuff to my players as we do currently use 4th and, where 4th doesn't cover something, 3rd.

I already have most of the listed items in my own collection but none of my troupe have anything but the core book and maybe Medieval Bestiary at this point.

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@Yirkash check your PMs. :wink:

@Chad that's just fine, let me know if there's anything you want.