Serf's Parma

Ok this is been bugging me for a while. Where and when did Serf's Parma become a common phrase among Ars players?

I don't recall it being used at the old Atlas Forum. I don't read the Berk list, so I could have been unaware of it's use at that site.

Doing a search at this site, it appears the earliest use is by Master Tyrell

Is Erik the creator of this fan favorite?

It sort of means, I may be wrong, but here's the answer. Right?

Just curious where this came from. It's the sociologist in me, I gots to know!

A quick regex search of the available berklist archives show it to be in use as early as January 1995, and most probably earlier, since it was used without explanations as to its meaning.

I was used frequently on the Berk List.

It means:
"I'm toiling away for my overlord so I don't have my books handy and I'm pulling this from my inadiquate memory. Please refrain from flameing me if I'm incorrect."


Fair enough.

The Ars 'community' is pretty tight, but it's also likely very small and it's interesting to me that it's developed catch phrases that out side this nuanced group have no real world meaning.

I hate to have one two many beers at the bar and while talking politics with some stranger say, "Serf's Parma but...."

I'd be outted as a gamer! :wink:

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Don't forget :
[color=red]That no man can Serf Two Masters :unamused:

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That's so painful and awesome! LOL

The Epistle to the Lifesavers :
[color=red]No man can Surf Two Masters