I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about the CCG of Shadowfist.

I am mainly thinking about mining it for ideas for Feng Shui games, I've already got a lot of M:tG I never get round to playing...but don't know where to start or whether it's a good idea - I just remember hearing about pulp junctions and other factions that I could possibly integrate into the game.

So yeah, any advice?

many thanks

Well, the first start would be of course - the official site and one of the better/bigger fansites still in use for that. I have to admit that after that my knowledge of SF is non-existent.


thanks for the links - I'm kind of after something from someone who's played both and can offer ways of intergrating shadowfist into feng shui

They have an offical yahoo group that is very active. Lots of very nice people on the group too.

Many of the old FS fans who used to run websites and were active on the mailing list took over the development of Shadowfist. Some things that have has occured in Shadowfist seems to have been inspired from popular topics on the mailing list. The pulp juncture a 1970s for example were popular topics of discussion.

From my digging I suspect that the story might have progressed diffrently if Daedalus had not shut down. I seem to recal reeading that the plan was to advanced the meta-plot each year and have book come out to update the FS game material to cover the meta-updates.

Some of the fiction pieces for the game are IMHO poorly written, a bit lame, and childish at points. When I first read them years ago, I was like this is cool, but upon a re-read I find a lot of it not that great and some parts of the written fiction are very bad. However, some of the fiction I've enjoyed reading and is good top notch fiction.

The old Shadowfist Player's guide though is worth tracking down as it has lots of background on 2056 in it and other fiction. The Buro Briefing fiction has some good ideas nad the BuroMil uniforms and weapon pages are very nice.

Shadowfist has been advancing the story line and numerous "key" or "core" characters have been killed off as the story has progressed. The way afew were offed was very lame, and anticlimactic.

The Buro has lost the future due to a critical shift. Another future setting exhists that is very diffrent from the prevoius one now. The Lotus have a new leader.

The Shadowfist universe is considered to be an alternate one to the FS one that just shares many of the same background elements

They have inexpensive demo decks you can buy that are fully balanced if you want to learn to play the game and you can sometimes find starters. The demo decks are better balanced as they were made to introduce a beginer to the game.

The cards are good sources of inspiration and are in some cases the only place you can find pictures of some characters & things in the RPG. Good images of just about all the cards, exeptfor the older and newer sets can be found online. So if you don't plan to play Shadowfist but use it for ideas keep this in mind.

many thanks :slight_smile: