Shamanic Magic - Hedge Project

after reading tC&tC, i've thought about one reference of Sihr on HoH-Societates - the Celtic summoners that used one Elemental Variant (possible only Magic Aligned), it's just one quote and one paragraph but...
The i realised how the Solomonic Magic should work without the Learned or educated background like the Suhhar are. The more shaman or pagan should work exactly like the other magic on guidelines, but without Philosophical, Medicine and Artes Liberales - but few changes, or none on the guidelines. Medicine can be replaced by Chirurgy or Herbalism, on Physic totals. On the same sense on the totals for Astrology Artes liberales can be changed by Magic Sense or Second Sight, or maybe can be used along [Realm] Lore like Travel but on Astrology too, or maybe Awareness. Maybe Astrology weren't on their magic at all.
The Favored Summoning Art/Ability shold be Spirit(Goetic) Summoning or Faerie Summoning, or maybe the Elemental Sihr, and this spirit spellcasters, this shamans should live on the unsettled corners: Novgorod, Norse, and so on, with a few on Rhine, Hibernia and Stonehenge. Other virtues like Night-Walkers and similar abilities could work very well.

My first thoughts on this subject was to use "Ars Fabulosa" from RoP: F to represent the effects of bargaining with spirits.

Unfortunately this doesn't work well RAW because it limits the shaman's dealings to Faerie aligned beings appropriate to his Sympathy Traits. Nevertheless, the guidelines could constitute a good base to design your own set of summoning arts from.

Yeah, it's the problem, for that reason i ask about the no moor related Sihr from Societates and that celtic sorcerors enemies of the Diedne. The option is change the Jinn beings for Elemental Spirits - it is nearly abroad one and another, or let only spirits from only one realm (Magic) and related to any Form from Aquam, Auram, Ignem and Terram. The simplest way to me it's the Spirit/Goethic Summoning Art related to Magic.
And i forgot Alchemy'll need change to get some Craft or Profession to make the Lab totals and the same ritual facts.
To create some Summoning Art, i imagine that Magic Sumoning (Realm Summoning) could change Sympathy Traits for Essential Traits or Warping score -both things are related to Magic Realm like the Sympathy to the Faerie, or instead Magic Lore instead Sympathy Traits. Good options?

OTOH, sympathies are not difficult to pick, are very flavorful (one guy summon spirits of darkness, another spirits of trees, another spirits of hate, another spirits of deers, another spirits of swords), and there's nothing wrong with a "magical" tradition summoning faeries instead of magical creatures, no?

Yeah, not problem of course. Only it's one idea about the Realm Summoning different to Faerie, that i think that the Differents Realms need slightly differents rules or limits. On that way, it makes sense that where Faerie Summoning works with Sympathic Traits, Magic Summoning works with Essential Traits, and Infernal Summoning with Hierarchy; and the Divine Summoning with Holly Personality Traits or Holly Warping (or maybe Faith and Position on Dominion).
This suggestions are only ideas, based upon the concepts after the Realm Summoning.

Going over "Shamans: Hidden Path" the other day, it struck me that the tradition could probably be best represented by the "Nightwalkers" as described in HMRE.

Seeing as how you seem to be trying to generate a system for the corrugineach tradition that was briefly mentioned in HoH:S, however, I'm not really sure how to go about accomplishing such a feat (mainly because I can't find much information about magic in Irish myth whatsoever, let alone that particular vein) though I would humbly suggest that "Elementalist" might constitutes a better boiler-plate than the Sahir.

Good point of course. But i thank that Physic, Travel an Storytelling can work well at least like Mysteric or powerfull secondary magics to the Theurgic Elemental powers, and the Nightwalkers too of course.