Shape and Material Bonus List (Thanks Erik)

Thanks Erik for that excellent shape and materials bonus list. Allowing it to be sorted by "bonus" instead of material is wonderfully useful.

It would be even more stupendous if words like "affect" and "versus" were at the end of the phrase, so that the bonusses would be more easily searchable.

Alternatively, you could post it in the excel or word format, and your handy users would be able to do real searches for themselves.

Thanks again! this is great!


Wow, what a lot of work!

Many thanks for this useful item.

Pardon my n00bness , but did i miss the link for this somewhere? :confused:

Follow the links in the ArM5 product page.

Oh, and yes: many many thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This list only took a bit of an evening. (I balked at transcribing the WGRE list). The person who should be getting all of the thanks is the fellow with the comprehensive virtue and flaw list.