Shape&material pdf on atlas game

since the time I downloaded a previous version of that file, I think many books have been published.
Thus I want to download the new version, but I find myself confused.

On the sheet I have on my hard drive (I think last book included was RoPtM, but I haven't any date of reference on the document, only the windows "modified file date" which is in 2011) I have some shape&materials which doesn't appear on the table on the website. That table seem to include newer books such as hermetic projects.

The first example is the first item on my list (per bonus):

Periwinkle affection 1 Realms of Power:Magic p126

I do not find it back on the file which is on the atlas website.

Do someone know why this one (and maybe others) have disappeared?

Here ya go. ... yShape.pdf

PS. the link worked fine for me.

Gremlin yes, I find it.
But that list do not have some S&M bonuses I have in a previous version of it. In fact I'm unable to find any S&M bonus from RoPM. Other books may be also concerned.

I noticed and wondered about that as well. Mercury is now missing its "+2 alter complex matter" bonus for example.

P.S.: If someone still has the old files, could you check which book the missing bonuses were from? Maybe that'll shed some light on it. I always overwrote the old with the new version and thus don't have the old files anymore.

I'm the one that did that list and updated it. it was never my intention to remove anything. I'll look at my spreadsheet.