shapechangers of germany

Has anything extensive been written about them in any of the supplements?

Beyond what little we know from GotF p. 99, nothing that I know of :slight_smile:

Thanks, I knew I had read it somewhere. And that's the book I had with me at work. :slight_smile:
Is there anything additional in the Bjornaer section of HoH:MC?
Anything in previous editions?

Yeah, but just bits and pieces, and from the Bjornaer view points (i.e. "they enslave the ancestor spirits," "they are spiritually corrupt," "they are generally doo-doo heads," etc.) . It references GotF for more information.


It does sa the Ancestor spirits came to the Bjornaer founder asking for help.

maybe in Shamans

Though I havn't flicked through it for years. So unsure if it's what you're after