Shapechanging and Parma


Apologies if this query is a little simple and/ or has been answered before.

As we know, a magi that turns into an animal via an animal spell that attacks another magi bounces harmlessly of their parma. We also know that Bjornaer that turn into their heartbeast CAN cut through parma as it’s not there exactly as a normal mundane animal could.

My question is whether or not a character that has the shapechanger virtue would bounce off parma like a hermetically changed magi or cut through it like a heartbeast form Bjornaer when shapechanged.



Personally, I'd say no (either for shapeshifter or skinchanger), but there are good arguments that skinchangers should be blocked.

I think the HoH:MC makes a good effort on destinguishing between various ways of changing shape (p. 22) and it can also be used in this regard. The question really hinges on whether the change is an ongoing effect or only active during the transformation. If it is ongoing, as any spell-based transformation would be, the creature would be kept at bay by the Parma.

Shapeshifter and Lycanthrope Virtues are described in HoH:MC as innate supernatural powers, but that they are only active during the change, which is why the Parma should not repell the changed creature once changed.

The Skinchanger Virtue oon the other hand is bssically a continued effect and the creature is resisted by Parma/MR.

So in short: It depends...