Shareing a happy moment

I just found a first edition festival of the Damned on Amazon for $3 and purchased it. Now this wouldn't be a particularly big deal normally, but this book [size=150]completes [/size]my Ars Magica collection (with the exception of a few issues of redcap and anything that wasn't published in English, and, oh yeah, the first issue of Sub Rosa. I hate using Pay Pal)

And collectors around the globe stand to pay you homage for your achievement! :wink:

Do you have Bats of Mercille? That's the only English thing missing from my collection -- I have a complete run of Redcap.

Picked it up at Gen Con in 1988. They threw it in for free if you purchased their rule book. (My copy has seen too many college apartment floors to be considered anything but atrocious shape and in fact I lost a page (someone's Grimore I believe) some time between 1989 and 1994.)

Hats off to you! I stole- I mean BORROWED most of my books from Firth-5.

Awesome. I salute you!

Congrats on your collection! I am nowhere near that complete, but I do have a lot from across the editions. It's a lot of fun to scour used bookstores for old Ars material: I'm often surprised to see what I find. Actually, I think Festival of the Damned was one of my first finds...small world!

Nicely done Erik - enjoy the spoils and the duely deserved kudos!

I won an ebay auction for Ars first edition and I was chuffed to bits to get that! Of course, I've not received it yet as paypal takes its sweet time...

And I can only dream of Bats of Mercille. Actually, that's true. I can only dream of mercille bats. The doctors don't know why and there's nothing they can do...

wow, congratulations :smiley:
Never heard of Bats of mercille, btw :laughing:

By the way ...

My local game store came into a bunch of Ars product from across the editions. If you are looking for a particular item to complete your collection, and Atlas does not already sell it, drop me a PM. All costs will go to the local game store, not to me.


When will it be republished, in the end?! 8) I think it's also the only missing piece in my collection, in French or English. Oh, maybe I don't have the complete Redcap collection...


I recently bought the 1st edition version of the ArM rulebook that I lacked to complete mine, when it comes to rulebooks (1-5 editions). I still lack some important publications there when it comes to supplements, though, so I salute you for achievement.



Also congratulations from my side!

Is there anywhere on the big web a list of all publications? I don't have an idea how incomplete my humble collection is ...


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