Sharing monsters and myths maps


Found this browsing Pinterest. Sharing for those it may help / inspire.



nice !

Thanks for reposting them altogether, I'd only seen like half of them.

Interesting, thank you for sharing

I can't seem to see Grendel

Never heard of the Houeron (from the France map near the Vosges) and I lived there many many years. Searching it on google doesn't show anything but a picture of the Dahu, which is missing from the map and is a very well known mythical beast of many mountainous regions of France.

So my guess is that it's a mistake by the map author, as houeron is also a french family name and an old verb meaning "to hoe" (but I never heard either).

Is there one of those for spain?

I did not find similar maps for the rest of Europe, unfortunately. It doesn't mean they don't exist, and I encourage anyone who finds one as such to post it.

I think you want this:

Looks like it lost a lot of size. Hold on...

The upper-left has a button to download the original, 13.1MB image.


It's not a map of mythic creatures and their locations - but I've found this useful if I'm ever looking for interesting sites around a covenant, or Vis sources. There are interactive maps showing the locations of megalithic sites you can find sites near a particular area, maybe get a bit of information about them and pictures too