Sharing monsters and myths maps


Found this browsing Pinterest. Sharing for those it may help / inspire.



nice !

Thanks for reposting them altogether, I'd only seen like half of them.

Interesting, thank you for sharing

I can't seem to see Grendel

Never heard of the Houeron (from the France map near the Vosges) and I lived there many many years. Searching it on google doesn't show anything but a picture of the Dahu, which is missing from the map and is a very well known mythical beast of many mountainous regions of France.

So my guess is that it's a mistake by the map author, as houeron is also a french family name and an old verb meaning "to hoe" (but I never heard either).

Is there one of those for spain?

I did not find similar maps for the rest of Europe, unfortunately. It doesn't mean they don't exist, and I encourage anyone who finds one as such to post it.

I think you want this:

Looks like it lost a lot of size. Hold on...

The upper-left has a button to download the original, 13.1MB image.


It's not a map of mythic creatures and their locations - but I've found this useful if I'm ever looking for interesting sites around a covenant, or Vis sources. There are interactive maps showing the locations of megalithic sites you can find sites near a particular area, maybe get a bit of information about them and pictures too


A few more on the concept:

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So that "Mythic Viking map" is definitely not Viking. It is the Carta Marina and dates back to the 16th century, roughly midway between us and the end of the Viking era at the battle of Stamford Bridge.

It is easily purchased in Sweden in many museum shops, should one want one (I got one for my parents from the Gustavianum in Uppsala).


One more for the Roman Tribunal.

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Two maps of Britain, slightly redundant with previous maps of England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales, but there's some new creatures there.