Sharpening the Wizard's Blade of Vim

I found this item effect in MoH p.51

Sharpening the Wizard's Blade of Vim
MuVi 28, 24/day, touch, mom, ind
...The Penetration total of the target effect is increased by 10...

The character invested it in an axe after he had invested damaging effects in order to bost their penetration.

Is there a spell for this and if not what would the details be if not? I can't find one but this item implies that the effect is possible. The closest hing I could find was Wizard's Boost, which you can cast on another spell to increase it by 5 levels.

What I would like is something like this:
Sharpening the Wizard's Blade of Vim
MuVi General, voice, mom, ind
Cast this spell as another spell of a lower level is being cast to increase its penetration by the level of this spell (-5?). There are ten versions of this spell, one for each form.

I don't know if this spell is legal or if so how to calculate the additional penetration a given level of the spell should grant.

+10 is two magnitudes. Thus it can't be the medium guideline, which only allow one magnitude boost. Thus it's the third, thus it's half (MuVi +1) IIRC.

As a basic idea that should be fine since the invested effect is fine. I would go back and look at what it refers to, though. It uses a base of 15 for a "total change of effect" for a penetration bonus of +10. That means it affects spells of levels up to half its (Base + 1 magnitude). You would need to involve Creo to get more than +10.

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Thanks, I'm still having trouble wrapping my head entirely around vim spells. Is the following right then?

Sharpening the Wizard's Blade of Vim
MuVi 20
Touch, Momentary, Individual
Increase the penetration of another spell of up to level 10 ((base 15+5)/2) by 10.
(Base 15, +1 Touch)

Honing the Wizard's Blade of Vim
Mu(Cr)Vi 25
Touch, Momentary, Individual
Increase the penetration of another spell of up to level 13 ((base 20+5)/2) by 15.
(Base 20, +1 Touch)

That depend how you read the spells. See wizard's boost for the issue.

Wizard's boost level X can boost any spell of up to level X by 1 magnitude but the new spell can't be higher than X.

If you read that as this: "MuVi spells must effectively be of level "level +(change)" to be really effective to transform a spell of level "level" and boost it.

If you read it like that, the first MuVi is only useful for level 10 spells (yes the third guideline is more easy with that limit).

The second one: there is no hard guideline for Mu(Cr)VI, so it is fine. I would do things like that too. THe issue presented above is still valid.

Here's some other possibilities I used in my last saga, based on CrVi(*) spells instead of MuVi, hence not really what the OP asked for, sorry, but still relevant to penetration boosting spells.

(note : written from memory... :confused: )

CrVi 15 Wrath of power (my players call it "the dark side of the vis" :unamused: :mrgreen: )
R: Personal, D: Diameter, T:Indiv.
The caster perilously infuse himself with magical energies so as to get a penetration bonus of 5 for the next 2 minutes. Any botch under the influence of this spell (also) means gaining at least one warp point, even if casting a mastered spell in the next moment.
( Base 5 ("creates a burst of magic" RAWp157), +1 Diameter, +1 magnitude to get "usable" magical energies for penetration boosting)

CrVi 30 The Barbican's Cauldron of Vim
R: Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle
Creates a "pool" of magical energies inside a circle. Any spell cast while standing inside this circle receives a penetration bonus of 5, and one more botch die. Botching a spell inside the circle may also give the caster an additional warp point (at storyteller discretion, IOS)
(Base 5 +1 Touch, +2 Ring +2 "penetration magnitudes" (cf previous spell))

(*) : Note that the big difference with MuVi spell is the possibility to affect spell of any level, since the 5th edition incidently changed the penetration paradigm from the previous editions, with high level spells sort of "draining" your casting total, we felt that using Creo Vim made sense in this regard. Besides, there's so saddeningly few CrVi spell in the base rulebook that we seized the occasion.