Shipped to the wrong address

Hey all - my kickstarter copy of Feng Shui 2 has been shipped to my old wrong address. I made sure to change my shipping address to my new one on the KS survey on 5/28/15. I guess this didn't work. I have emailed twice but no one has gotten back to me. I hope my book shows up at some point...


We're sorry that went to the wrong address, and our further apologies for the delay in responding to your email to That is the correct place to make us aware, it's just taking us a while to get back up to date with that inbox after our main shipment of backer rewards. Hopefully you've heard back by this point, but if not, please hang in there. If you have (or do) get the end of your patience in waiting, or if you fear that your message to crowdfund may have not landed there, you can always email me directly at jeff at atlas dash games dot com.

Thank you for backing, and again, apologies for our missteps.