Shipping out

The young students who will become apprentices have traveled by ship from Polyaigos to Delos, and disembarking are given food and chairs, along with several other students. Young magi meet with them first and in a procedure they have all become familiar with a group of young magi came and share their parma with each of the pupils before the older magi come to converse with them, and on the other side of the room their teachers. At first it appears that one too many young magi have been assigned to share parma, but it turns out one of them, named Artemis of Jerbiton, is in fact looking for an apprentice, having recently moved to Thermakopolic from Thumachia, where she earned a great number of tokens defending the covenant before it fell. She is charming as she speaks primarily with Constantine of the four recent companions before two other magi come over. The first, Prometheus of Bonisagus from Favonius looks to have just started his longevity potion, and so appears in his mid to late 30's, and shows interest in Eleni as well as a girl named Phoebe, asking Eleni how she would feel about exploring sites of mystery and looking for signs of ancient magics. The second, a gruff man who appears to be in his late 50's, named Argus of bonisagus walks directly from the teachers to Antonio, hands the lad 4 tokens, which a redcap duly notes, and tells him he may as well come with him, he's been selected.
Fairly rapidly more magi come over to the group and begin interviewing. Xene gets the fewest interested magi, one Minos of Guernicus, who was also a teacher at the school, from the explains that this is because she will be harder to open than most, and nobody wants to risk receiving a shard for doing an incomplete job, and then asks her about her feelings about the principles of justice. He seems willing to discuss the topic into twilight but gives way to an older man with a sparkle in his eyes who refers to himself as Mendes of Tytalus from Hedyosmos, and seems interested in the strength of her faith and what trials she endured to have such strong faith, and keeps referring to her as "my canary"
Mendes also shows some interest in Eleni, whom he asks about her experiences with spirits, but Eleni seems to have generated the most interest, as three magi seem interested in her, where Mendes is joined by Daedalus of Verditious, from Ingasia, who asks questions about the clothing trade, and an Urbanus of Jerbiton from Moero's Garden who wants to discuss principles of aesthics, though this too is in the framework of being a clothing designer.
Urbanus also finds time for Constantine, with him he discusses similar issues but in a more generalized sense.

Other magus who do not approach anyone in your group are:
Luna of Bjorner of Aegaea
Cathella Ex Miscellania of Erebos
Circe of Jerbiton of Xylinites
and Megehia ex Miscelania of Erebos

if you want to approach any of them

Constantine approaches Cathella and Megehia. He knows just enough of the order to know that Ex Miscellanea is a house of disparate traditions, but no more, so he asks them questions about what traditions they follow, how the different traditions get along within the same House, and how does Hermetic magic work so flexibly that they can all work within the same framework?

Minos - What sort of impression would Minos of Guernicus have made as a teacher? Did he seem Christian, even if not particularly devout?

In response to his question about justice Xene says, “I believe justice is one of the highest virtues though when possible must be tempered with God’s love to sow the seeds of redemption. I heard that the founder of your house was a devout Christian...” not quite a question but the way she trails off implies a response is assumed.

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Cathella is a Sirene, who uses song magic. She comments that it is a shame Xene would be so difficult to open, she understands she has a great singing voice. Megehia is a witch. Neither of them seem interested in a male apprentice.

Minos is a man of great intellect who rarely let his personal opinions be known, instead forcing students to consider multiple sides of a problem. "Yes, our founder was Christian, though most of the founders of the day were pagan, or simply not religious. Certainly codes of justice, and even the concept of mercy has predated the Christian era. Admittedly the Romans were not well known for their own sense of mercy, but the rise of Christianity did not exactly temper this attitude to any great degree either. How would you sow the seeds of redemption is you were dealing with a magus of a Jewish tradition in ex miscelania? "

Constantine is also curious about the ancient sites, so he approaches Prometheus, "Excuse me, I overheard your examination, may I ask why would you investigate ancient magical sites? Isn't Hermetic magic superior to the magic of the past?"

"Is a sword superior to a knife? Traditions of the past had techniques which were lost before the parma magica tempered the social impact of the Gift. Which is superior is less of the question than whether they may be useful, or interesting."

[Side Note: True Faith is a General Virtue and does not actually make opening the arts more difficult according to RAW, if you're going another way with that it's fine but wasn't my understanding.]

yes and no- it doesn't add to the total needed, but it does provide 10 magic resistance. So at least it doesn't double to preserve it like supernatural virtues and abilities...

Constantine asks more questions. He's always full of questions. "Can you learn how to do the magic of past traditions from what they left behind? How does that work with Hermetic magic?"

"generally, no, they have a complete system which different from ours, and could take half a lifetime to learn. However there are usually parts of old traditions which can be rediscovered. There are many paths to such discovery, through many houses. The order of Praelix, for example, has integrated lessons from living tradition in the ex Miscellania, though of course those have yet to be fully integrated into hermetic theory, they are at least preserved in those traditions."

Mendes - Xene looks quizzically at Mendes, "What do you mean 'strong faith'? I have the faith of anyone."

At the mention of "canary" she looks him straight in the eye and quietly but forcefully states a bible passage she feels is relevant:
"What's the price of a pet canary? Some loose change, right? And God cares what happens to it even more than you do. He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail - even numbering the hairs on your head! So don't be intimidated by all this bully talk. You're worth more than a million canaries. "Stand up for me against world opinion and I'll stand up for you before my Father in heaven. If you turn tail and run, do you think I'll cover for you?

"I do not see you fulfilling this request by our lord," Xene states matter of factly and walks towards the four who did not approach earlier... seeming to have particular interest in Circe of Jerbiton.

Constantine nods. "I see. Thank you for answering my questions."

He goes back over and sits, contemplating.

Circe looks at Xene "Yes child?"

Minos - Obviously having no experience with Jewish people Xene says overly surely, "I would remind them of their place among God's chosen people."

Circe - [going on an assumption based on Covenant and house that she has the look of an educated woman, perhaps a noble or nun.] "I noticed you standing here... I am not sure why but I felt drawn to approach you."

minos " Ah, and what if the person were a worshiper of Diana, the Greek goddess of the hunt?"

Circe "Indeed, talking with Mendes I would feel drawn to approach just about anyone. You are the church girl, aren't you? While our work is done from a church, I'm afraid I need an apprentice who would be more... palatable to the public. If you want someone to challenge your faith, and pretty much everything else, Mendes would certainly do that."

After a little while sitting, Constantine will get bored and go over to Artemis. "I heard that you were valiant in defense of your covenant but I'm curious about what your specialty is. Don't Jerbiton normally avoid violence?"

Minos - Xene thinks on it for a moment, "I... I don't know."

Circe - Xene smiles at Circe's jab, "I do not think I would like being referred to as Kanárioi for fourteen years. Thank you for your straightforwardness. I would love to visit The City one day though, can you tell me of it?"

[Feel free to do the Circe version of "Scram Kid" just feel like Minos needs more time with me and filling space there.]

" Well, we certainly aren't flambeaus, but we really focus on social issues, many focus on culture and art, i felt more of an obligation towards the land of my birth, as Socrates said, owing my community which gave me life, so I joined Thumachia out on the western border. The Muslims attacked, they covenant fell but we provided a great service to the community in the actions we took. now I am pledged to defend Constantinople, though I will enjoy the culture while I am there, and live tastefully as the house dictates. as to specialization, so far I have focused on getting to where I can take an apprentice more than on developing a specialization. "

"I see. I grew up in the Alexandria covenant, so I don't know much about communities, but I would certainly defend the covenant if I could. Are the Muslims a threat to the Order? Do they have magic too?

I'd love to hear the story of your heroism, too."

[Not demanding detail, just Constantine likes her and he'll talk to her until something else happens.]