Shooting means you don't get defense dice?

Quick question.
It seemed from the examples that if you are shooting you don't get any dice for defense as a bonus to the range defense dice.

Is this correct?


Sorry, perhaps my question is confusing.

If a character is shooting, do they not get any defense dice for attacks against them? Obviously if a shooter is being attacked in melee they would need to do something to defend themselves; so, if all they did was shoot a gun, then I can see: No, they get no defense dice and the melee attacker automatically hits with only the shooter's armor able to save the shooter's bacon. But what about for a shooting example: Person A is shooting a gun. Person B shoots at Person A. Because Person A is shooting they don't get to roll any defense dice as bonus dice to the range defense dice from Person B's attack. Is this a correct interpretation of the examples?

No, you simply get no benefit from your weapon in defence. it adds +0 to your defence. You still calculate your defence total as usual (Quickness+Weapon Skill+ weapon bonus (0 in this case) - Encumbrance and wound penalties. In any case you can always use a dodge defence here.


Thanks for the reply, Xavi, but I think we may be talking about two different games. In OtE/WaRP, you just have one trait (maybe combat related, maybe just a physical trait useful in combat) and maybe, if GM is convinced, you might get a bonus or penalty die if your weapon out classes OR is out classed by your opponent's weapon. If you have no relatable trait, then you get 2d for defence, and, when you are shot at, whatever defence trait you use acts like bonus dice to the range dice you roll as the difficulty for the shooter's attack roll. If this is what you are describing, then I apologize for misunderstanding.

DOH! Quite right :unamused:

The Ars magica community is the most active here, so I assumed you were refering to Ars Magica combat. My fault



It depends on the character's traits. I believe, if you have a trait that pertains to combat, like "soldiering", or "ninja training", or "super combat cyborg from heck", you could use the same trait's [total] dice for both, defence & attack. Other wise (& for "more general" traits such as "quick", or "strong"), you'd always split the trait's dice for either roll - attack & defense -, or just can't (you'd haveta choose which roll to use all dice).