Short Ranged Magic / must mark target and Range

I actually have no problem with Wizard's Boost - its purpose is rather clear in my eyes: To boost the base effect of the spell. With some spells this is obvious (Pilum of Fire, +5 damage; The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch, heals a medium wound), with other spells it can be arranged (Muto Mentem, alters more memories as per its increasing guidelines; Bridge of Wood, creates a larger bride), and with others its impossible (Discern Own Illusions; Tales of the Ashes). On the latter spells, Wizard's Boost just does nothing in my games - it has its purpose on more than enough though.

This was pretty much the argument I believe Vespasian was trying to advance a while back, in this topic I think.

Sadly it turned into this thread which turned rather toxic rather fast. Something that sadly I contributed to, if memory serves.