Shot Counter - Tokens

Hi everyone,

What do you guys think of these for use with the shot-counter?

We used to use a bit of paper and just write the shot number for everyone, but thought we'd try the counter this time. :slight_smile:

Obviously I'd love to hear if you seasoned players have any other ideas (not electronical please. we're rpg old-school). I figure the link above would cover 3 PC's and a multitude of featured foe/Boss/mook type characters but if you fine people have a time-proven method, that'd be equally awesome.

On a side note. Awesome that FS has returned and re-opened the time portals. Looking forward to getting back into it with the gang. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys,

I've been using Penny Gems: ... _leftnav_3

I generally use these instead of minis when I play D&D, Savage Worlds, and other mapped games too. Heck I use them as Fate Points when I play Fate games. Useful buggers.

Those looks great!

I use two different types of tokens for Heroes and for GMCs.

Heroes: I use large, primary-colored Munchkin tokens. The players have a colored pen which matches their token.

GMCs: I use small colored tokens like the ones you posted.

I find it's useful to keep the heroes and GMCs distinct from each other on the shot counter.

Wow, those Penny Gems even look Feng-shuiy. :slight_smile:

Ended up ordering super cheap plastic tokens for around £1. Got 100 in five different colors. Good thing is I can use a whiteboard marker pen on them so they can be reused in the next session.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.