Should we stay or should we go?

Should we stay or should we go?

  • Stay here, and only use RPoL as a "black-out" site to continue playing until Atlas is back up?
  • Move the saga to RPoL right away.
  • Migrate there gradually, as the current threads wrap up, and start any new threads there.
  • Hey, why don't we...? (explain in comments)

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So. It looks like the forums have, for the most part, recovered from their earlier maladies (although I still get an occasional 503 error, it's not like every other time I try to go to a page like it was even a couple of days ago). However, this isn't the first time since I've been playing here that the forums have been down for an extended period of time (by which I mean more than 48 hours). And, because people suck, it probably won't be the last.

So, I put it to the council.

Do we want to continue playing here, and use the RPoL as a "black-out site"? Do we want to migrate there immediately? Or do we want to migrate there once the current threads wrap up, and start any new threads over there? Or is there another option that I'm not seeing?

I've created a poll, with a "none of the above" option, and give the option to change your votes in case someone says something deucedly insightful.

((edit to add: Oh, the delicious irony. I got a "Service Temporarily Unavailable" message when I posted this message, and again when I tried to edit.))

We probably need to move, because even though I can now post again, it's so slow and only semi-reliable now, and that's a couple of weeks on. I hate to say this, but if we want to give the game a push we may be better off away from the Atlas site sobs

I'm about in the same position with my Bibracte saga, although it pushes one frequent poster/player into a more infrequent poster.

One idea that actually crystalized this afternoon during our annoyingly-frequent dialer down time is doing a soft reboot of the saga.

By that, I mean, I would like to float the idea of more or less starting over. I would like to keep the saga in Loch Leglean, on the shores of Loch Ness, and everyone would keep their characters as-is, if they want. But the covenant and the saga would be a lot more player-created than it was, and it would sever the sometimes confusing (at least to me) "spin-off" aspect of the saga. Which, if any, of the "elders" stay in the Canaries 2.0 would also be up to you guys.

Just venting a little bit, because it feels like the recent (like, the last month?) forum woes have pretty much killed what little momentum we had, and even before that I felt like I didn't know what I was doing a good bit of the time.

What do you guys think?

I like the idea of revitalizing a winter covenant, so I don't care to see any of the elders go.
As far as player created, I'm not certain what you mean, excatly. We had a pretty good hand in allocating build points, and the setting is fine, for me (Talia). What stories are you interested in telling? Having gotten to know you as a writer, you tend to focus on very detailed characters, much more detailed than what I do over in Bibracte. I think your stories should be reflective of that, more than they are. Make up a bunch of characters that you can assume the role of and play them to 11. Putting it another way, I don't think you've played to your strengths, and have tried to write something that does something, or accomplishes some specific goal. Most of my stories have a McGuffin, and they all generally follow the journey of the hero. I write a bit differently for you and Fiona, in that I try and create a richer canvas of characters for Fiona to interact with, and her stories seem to be less goal oriented and much more open ended[1], or lead to other things, but I do that, because that's what I think you want, based on how I see you write. :smiley:

I think all of the characters here in this saga want to accomplish something. Talia might have the "bigger" task, as in something that could come to dominate the covenant by the time she's done, but that's a long haul, of 50+ years, I'm sure, before we get anywhere close to her producing ships on a semi-regular basis. :smiley:

[1]I struggle with creating characters, at least with your vivid level of detail. So writing for you/Fiona is always a challenge.

My vote, just FYI, would be either a gradual migration or a soft reboot.

I'm OK with a reboot actually. I like the idea of starting a fresh covenant with young magi, we really get a chance to put our stamp on the covenant that way and there's huge potential for stories.

But also migrating it off this server. (Crossing fingers that this post makes it)

The forums are acting a lot better than have have been, the last couple of days. But it still has its moments (I had a string of about four or five "service temporarily unavailable" messages in a row this afternoon), so it's not totallly fixed. Add that to the fact that this seems to be a recurring problem, in that this happens on a semi-regular basis every few months.

So, we're moving the game over to RPOL. I think we're close (hopefully) to wrapping up the Tribunal threads, and I've started the first post-Tribunal thread over there to bring in Arthur's magus.

If you haven't already made an account and joined Canaries, please do so when you can. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to answer RtJ's. :smiley: looks like Referata is having a couple of issues, as well. Arthur's getting "Incorrect or missing confirmation code" messages when he tries to sign up. It's been so long since I've joined that I'm not sure how I did it, and I couldn't find anything in the main referata site. And it looks like all the picture files have gone missing (the file names seem to have something weird in them that I don't remember them having before. Not sure if I should track down and re-upload all the pictures, or wait a couple of days and hope it fixes itself.

Ah, technology, why must you both enchant and vex me so?

As soon as my account is approved for the game on RPoL, I'll post the in-character description of what can be seen.

It seems the problem had to do with the restricted environment at work, as I was able to join just fine from my home computer. :smiley:

I actually can't reply yet on the RPOL site, I haven't been invited... :cry:

You should be in now.

Just a quick head-count to be sure that everyone is ready to go over on RPOL. So far, I've seen:

  • qcipher (Aodhan, no OOC name yet)
  • jebrick (brick)
  • cunningrat1 (Cunningrat)
  • Jonathan_Link (JL)
  • Arthur (Arthur)

I haven't seen, as near as I can tell:

  • fightmaster
  • Prince of Boredom
  • darkwing

Am I missing anyone? And is there anything I can do to make the transition easier?