SHR and Levant News - kinda...

Maybe everyone else knew this already...

Since there are conversations about revising older material going on, this prompted me to take a look at some of my older stuff, and in the process, I discovered the following:

I was totally unaware that the web site had been archived, which may mark me as a complete technoramus or something. As people will no doubt have noticed, SHR has been dormant for a few years now, ultimately a result of both Angus and myself getting busy and drifting apart as time went on (are you still out there, AngusGM?). I'm not planning on re-activating the site (since I'm still too busy), but I just thought that I'd draw peoples' attention to it.

BTW, Jarkman has already been doing a spiffing job of working on updating Blood and Sand: The Levant Tribunal (yes, I know it should probably have been "Levantine Tribunal", but there was actually a pun intended, even if it might not have been a very funny one...). :slight_smile:

See: ... and-redux/

Yeah, I knew of Jarkman's "redux" of Blood and Sand, and found it really useful when I first encountered it. What I wasn't aware of was Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited, which I shal now thoroughly scan. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link! :smiley:

That's fantastic news, thanks for the heads up! Always been partial to Sahir/The Levant, so I know how I'll be spending quite a bit of my weekend.