Shuba Myedvyednikov

For discussion of the creation and advancement of Shuba


you don't need to post the character here, just indicate that they are ready to be examined on the wiki.

The first issue is feral upbringing- as described someone with feral upbringing cannot have language or academic abilities- they have just recently come to human civilization, which means you essentially spent your apprenticeship as a wild animal. Technically this is possible, but you would not have any of the formal educational aspects of what you associate with magi, such as artes liberales, philosophae, or a score in Latin, and the character would be severely handicapped as a magus.


ohh looks like I have the same issue with my Grog as I also interpreted the no language part as till apprentice time start.

Had this issue with a grog I created, I had a similar interpretation, but due to silveroak's ruling ultimately eliminated the Feral Upbringing Flaw.


The only errata on feral upbringing is with regard to beast masters not having the flaw. In principle you could learn magic through training, though if this were the case your apprenticeship would certainly not look anything like a traditional magus.
It is also worth noting that in the section on bjorner mages it is mentioned they often choose apprentices with feral upbringing, not that the mages still have the flaw...