Sidebar 1 - A Day with Metatarzes is a Day with Odd

A sidebar is a little piece from everyday life at the covenant of Mystikae Eikona. It is a chance to role-play a bit and give us more of your characters NOT within the context of bigger story arcs and subplots.

The basic rules are:

[i]A sidebar must be focused on one of your characters or one of the grogs.

You may not make other characters act but other characters may post within a sidebar and initiate action with you, at which point you and the other character may work through your encounter as you see fit.

You may address another character in a public place, or visit their sanctum (at your own risk) or work area.

You should probably send them a PM so they know you are interacting in a sidebar and can join in. If they don't you are perfectly within your rights to comment about how stuck up or pissy the other character is. :laughing:

Anyone may interact with the character on which the sidebar is focused.

You may not affect the main storyline with your action (no quickly forging magic blades for those about to go out seeking the alleged murderers of the Redcap, for example--main storyline actions go in the Chapters, not in sidebars).

You may set a sidebar last week, last month, or last year but you cannot "give" yourself something you don't already have.[/i]

Basically a sidebar is just a way to have a little fun and do some character building. Have fun with it!

Metatarzes rejoined the waking world with a start by walking into one of the covenant's olive trees.

"Oh my," the magus said, rubbing his forehead where it had connected with the wood. Then his eyes fell upon the fruit of the tree and he reached up to pluck one from the branch. It was just beginning to be tender with ripeness, and Metatarzes smiled. "A delicious way to start the day," he said cheerfully and moved to pop the morsel into his mouth.

"I know you don't go to church much anymore, Master," said a somewhat barky voice behind the wizard, "but aren't you supposed to be fasting until sunset today?"

Metatarzes turned, with a petulant look on his face, and fixed the large Dalmatian dog sitting on the dusty path with a cool stare. "Not," he said firmly, "when one's health is as fragile as mine. One is not to make oneself ill by fasting, that is to damage the temple of the soul, a great sin. A great sin indeed." And popped the olive into his mouth.

"Whatever you say, Master," replied Afosimenos, the magus' familiar.

"And where are you off to this morning, dog? Cornered that bitch in Zelve yet? Your pursuit is.....tsk, tsk, tsk!"

The dog growled. "That's not really any of your business is it, Master? And not being a Christian myself, I'm neither required to fast nor to abstain from fleshly pleasures, thank you very much."

"Ah, you've an itch for the bitch, that's ever so rich, and slightly kitsch..." Metatarzes laughed and turned away, plucking another olive. "Just about ripe, just about, without a doubt. And as for you, impertinent hound, watch your tongue, I made you what you are...."

The magus voice trailed off as he turned back and saw that the dog had trotted away down the path toward the dining hall and kitchen. "Ah well, short attention span. I suppose I should get back to my researches. But first a few more of these olives."

Pulling up his gown, Metatarzes filled the hollow thus created with olives and then started for the kitchen himself. "Perhaps Kassim will give me a bowl of something hot to put my olives in! That will be a tasty breakfast!"

The walk was short, and many of the covenant's grogs bowed as he passed, but he dud not notice them. First he was sucking on an olive, then he spied the covenant's steward Ariagne Trichina, and remembered he had something to discuss with her...

Ariagne quickly walks down the path from the horse paddocks, seemingly distracted until she almost runs over Metatarzes.

[color=purple]"Forgive me, Magus," she says in Greek. [color=purple]"I didn't see you there. How are you doing on this beautiful morning?"

Metatarzes is a tough man ... raw uncured olives are pretty difficult to eat;-)

((Maybe his Herbam form bonus helps?))

Or maybe he is just nutty as a fruitcake. I know which way I'm voting....