Sidebar: Domazhir approaches Tellus to discuss Terram

Some months ago....

[I don't know how to "spell" clearing my throat...]

Domazhir, reeking of the forge after pulling an all-nighter, acosts Tellus early in the morning:

Hehehurrm! (mumbling into beard about getting his thoughts in order).... Good Tellus, (mumble) if you will, (mumble mumble).... I_have_a_project_to_put_to_you, that would bring benefit to our home, Hehehurrm! and thus to ourselves and sodales...... Hurrhurrm! (more mumbling into beard) I_have_in_mind_a_spell_for_the_strengthening_of_our_towers,.... Hehehurrm! (mumble mumble) to assist in the defences ....... of the, aaahm? covenant! Hurrm! (mumble mumble) Hehehurrm! What, aaah, say you!? (mumble mumble) Hehurrm!

"For the strengthening of our towers you say? Most interesting, do go on."
Tellus stops what he was doing, putting down the wax tablet in his hand.
"And with a spell? I have at time contemplated a device for much the same purpose, as it would happen. Perhaps we could help eachother here?
Ah, but where are my manners - please, feel free to step into my front room - my sanctum marker is beyond here so you may feel safe enough."
This last part is said with a smile as Tellus has known Domazhir since his arrival, and are not too worried about other entering his sanctum (at this point anyway).

Being VERY unobservant, hence his soubriquet, "Slipoi", the blind, and not a little absorbed in his own world, Domazhir doesn't notice Tellus' smile, and just plonks his weary frame down on the first available seat

"Hehem!..... Well, a spell, ummmm, herrrm! to begin with. Aaah! then with hrrm! ah, that as_a_base_we_could_then_perhaps aaaah, ...... ummmm, .... pursue the making a umm Wand! with such an effect!!

"Huhurrrmmurrrm! I'd be delighted_to_co-operate_with YOU, in your laboratory, aah, to, umm, hurrm! develop the ..... aaah_spell!? My laboratory is hrrrrm, better_huhurrm!_suited to forging aaah, devices."

(Domazhir sees little risk in entering the sanctum of a Magus Bonisagus for a joint project, and that of Tellus in particular, even less so. He hopes that Tellus will return the compliment when it comes time to forge a device.)

This would seem like an excellent solution, though I must admit my lab is a bit bare at the moment.
But please, do expand on your original idea - I must admit myself to be most curious?

After a few moments gathering his thoughts...

Huhuuuurrrm! Well! It seems to me that the spell should be Muto Terram, in order to alter a property of the stone from which our towers are made. A magnitude of 4 should suffice to make the stone slightly un-natural, as it is already stone, if not very hard stone (still hurts if you bang your head on it he mutters to himself).

[This is clearly a topic close to Domazhir's heart, as he is nearly fluent in his speech!]

Aaah! Where was I!? Yes, another 3 magnitudes to allow the magic to affect the entire structure, huurrm! and another for the range of touch, as one is not, after all, a stone tower! (chuckle/giggle/general amusement at his own "joke.")

Hurrrm! Anyway, we have to consider the duration. Aaaah, I favour Moon, as it would give enough time to withstand a concerted siege, without, hurrm! having to run around refreshing the spells every day, while allowing the continued, aaaahm, development? hmmm... of the interiors of the towers as needed by ourselves and the covenfolk. This would require a further 3 magnitudes! Huuurrhuurrmmmm!!

I did mention that we would need 1 magnitude for touch range? didn't I? Ummm! Well? This would lead to aah, 4 magnitudes plus 3 magnitudes plus 1 magnitude (for touch!) plus another 3 magnitudes, making a spell of magnitude 11!!, which is slightly beyond my reach! Hurrm!! But! Together, I'm sure we could achieve it.

We could, perhaps add some magnitudes for complexity to enable changes to the, hurrm! interior of a tower while, ahem, aaah! Yes! the spell is in effect?

[It's actually only Mag 7, but he always confuses things when he's explaining them to others.]

An excellent summary magus, and an excellent idea.
I have at times considered such a spell, but I estimate it would take me the better part of a full year to design such a spell alone.

I have at times considered designing just such an effect and enchanting it into some for of device, though with a constant effect, to keep the towers permanently reinforced. I agree though that designing the spell first would make things much easier, and if I had significant help with the lab procedures and perhaps in some of the derivations, it would be a much more accessable project.

Hehuurrm! Yes! Well! Aaaahm! I believe,hrrm, that together we-could-bring-the-reasearch-time-down-to-aaah, two SEASONS! I believe uuuurr, that I could be-free-to-beGIN! around the time of the-HUURRM!! winter solstice, assuming-that-suits-your-SCHEDULE!!?

That would suit me excellently.
Mind you though, ofcourse the 3 seasons are just an estimate as I might be off a bt with my guess

RIGHT Then!! Huurrm!! I must away to breakfast with my staff. Theodora-makes-a-delicious-breakfast , hehuurrm! Of vine, aaah! LEAVES! You must come and break-your-fast-with-us!

Ah, but I most assuredly shall!