Sight of active magics questions

i'm working on an intelligo specialist and i'm wandering how this spell works.

It might be a stupid question but how does it work on magus with parma? Do you have to penetrate magic resistance to see the active spell(s) cast on him, on the enchanted objets he's wearing ?

As I understand it this spell is also very efficient against invisibility, making the wizard appear by a color halo is that right ?


I'd see traces of spells cast on a magus are under his parma if the spell penetrates.
On enchanted items

  • active magic wouldn't work since you need detecting active effect (and effect are not magic) (see bottom of the box)
  • if talisman, parma protected, otherwise not.

The species of a magus are under the parma (since basically their position is the same has the magus). It works just fine on grogs or mundanes rendered invisible by a magus.

ReIm spells however, like WIzard's sidestep, disjoint both, and you could see the image as being magically animated.

It makes sense, thanks.

Note that you can create a spell to detect magic items, even if no effect is active. It would have to be a different spell than the one that detect spells, but it is certainly possible (see the InVi guidelines).

Against Imaginem magic, the interesting thing is that InVi work best at detecting powerful spells, while InIm works quite well at detecting low magnitude spells. So be sure to pick up a version of Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood when you have the chance, just o make it easy to pick low level illusions.

Thanks for the tips about imaginem.

That reminds me!
Would it be possibly to use that guideline and something like T: Room to detect invisible people/objects (in said room)?

Of course for "seeing" through invisibility Eyes of the Bat is the best spell. No need to penetrate MR since it senses solid object via indirect methods.

that should help with invisible people indeed

I believe it is specifically stated that magical senses (such as detecting active magic) must penetrate. Enhancing senses, such as being able to ignore obscuring vapor, on the other hand, affect your ability to deal with incoming species. Those have left the magic resistance and so the enhanced sense does not need to penetrate. I'm pretty sure this is a fairly good summary.

I highly recommend reading the spells in the Guernicas section of HoH:TL. I especially like the InImGen spell there. It's a favorite for my own Intellego specialist.


I'll certainly have a look at HoH : TL.

Making second sight an work as an enhanced sense really makes it strong compare to intelligo magic for that purpose.

Would you give a link to your intelligo specialist ? (or at least can you tell me which were the spells you found most useful in you saga?)

Yes, Second Sight is fantastic because it doesn't need to penetrate. However, Supernatural Abilities get hit very hard by unfriendly Auras. For example, most characters with Second Sight will have their scores drop to close to zero in towns.

Tasia, from Base Camp. Here are the spells. You can check out the online games if you want other stuff. I'm not that good at Intellego yet, and am somewhat balanced between Intellego and Rego, but you can see lots of what I find useful in Intellego in my spell list below:

  • Dead Man’s Eyes (spells wiki) [InCo(Im)15]
  • Whispers Through the Black Gate [InCo(Me)15]
  • The Whole from the Part [InCo20]
  • Wizard’s Leap [ReCo15]
  • Seven-League Stride [ReCo30]
  • Leap of Homecoming [ReCo35]
  • The Discerning Eye [InIm40] (A real favorite of mine. From HoH: TL.)
  • Catching the Eye [CrMe15]
  • The Good Witness [CrMe25]
  • Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie [InMe20]
  • Posing the Silent Question [InMe20]
  • Weary Eyes (see below) [ReMe5]
  • Aura of Rightful Authority [ReMe20]
  • Trust Me [ReMe20]
  • Sight of the Sigil [InVi50] (Another of my favorites from HoH:TL.)
  • Demon’s Eternal Oblivion [PeVi10]