sight spells and familiars

If you have the ability to see what your familiar is seeing, can you cast sight range spells through it?

Since you can do touch spells through your talisman, my first thought is why not? Since the familiar is tied to you more intimately, it also makes familiars so much more useful.

Same question for scrying, although being less intimately tied to you I have doubts.

First though: you can only use your talisman for touch spells if you are actually touching your talisman as well.
So I don't think you can use your familiar to deliver touch spells and I would be inclined to rule out voice and sight range also.

You can always scry at your familiar, but only through an arcane connection. (that is, if your familiar is too far away to see/touch) The same for your talisman.

I would say no, but this is a nice idea. It would make a nice mystery, probably part of merinita lore. :slight_smile: