Sign up for games?


How will people be able to sign up for games at the GT ? Do you sign up before the con, or will there be a sign up sheet put up on the day?



Grand Tribunal has been small and informal... we're counting on people bringing some games, and others wanting to play in them.

Good plans willing, there should be a Freeform Ars Magica game, and we'll post more about that when we know more.

Sign up for the host convention: Consternation, then visit the Grand Tribunal wiki, and add something - name, interests, games offered,... Only if people write things in advance will there be much to share in advance!

Let me put it this way Neil- how did things get organised 2 years ago ? I vaguely remember sign up sheets, but had the impression they were only over in the Tribunal area?

I'm happy to run a slot, but as its only this year I've managed to run one (for people who hadnt played before), I'd like to sharpen up my game by playing with expert GM's.

Incidentally, I cant seem to edit the GT wiki - not even to add my name to the Magi. Do I need permissioned?


Steve Ellis

Same as this year: with the agreement of the Con committee ("Constitution"), Grand Tribunal's Wiki listed events at the Grand tribunal in advance, and allowed pre-sign-up, with the understanding that not all places could be pre-booked. (In practice, this was not a problem.)
The Freeform was, like all events at Constitution (and again at Consternation), open to all members alike - and a number of non GT people joined for that and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The freeform that year did in fact need the extra bodies...

Once the Con started, firstly, all before-event sign-up sheets were posted in Porter's Lodge reception area, on billboards - though GT had a board of its own, next to the others.
If you recall sign-up sheets within GT itself, that is because just prior to game sessions, we'd whip them down and take them over! (So we knew who was who, and whether everyone had turned up...).

So - this year - sign up, get over to the wiki, and post offers to run games, ideas for discussions, panels or workshops, and get people involved.
Chase other ArM gamers to doing the same (especially signing-up!).

Sheila & I will be over-seeing it all, but can't be as vigorous chasing things, as we are 2/3 of the Consternation Con Committee. (Phil Masters, also an ArM author, is the 3rd Committee member).

As for editing the Wiki - I'll chase things.

Did you login successfully?
a) yes - then what was the subsequent problem, please send details

b) no - what was the problem?
have you registered?

c) if not registered, then register! It's very uncomplicated - just give a "real name" and a user name and new password, and you are off!

I just checked, and it all worked for me... I thought it would remember my old username from 2009, but no - so I registered again (same name!) and it let me in.

Since this will be my first convention in a foreign nation I'm really excited to find out how games are played elsewhere. While I pride myself on being able to pull a story out of my...hat short notice (our sagas aren't very well coordinated, so...), I don't think I'll be planning to run anything. But we'll see.