Significantly Physically Powerful Characters?

By the middle to high ages, a Creo Ignem super-specialist magus can turn a city to ash with a powerful spell. Is there any way, perhaps through other high-level spells or with the Mythic Companion or Magic Creature rules, to produce characters who can perform physical feats on such an impressive scale? Like maybe not kicking a city wall so hard that the whole city falls down, simply because a fire attack is more effective for widespread destruction specifically, but in that general sphere of power capability. Turning a fortified tower to rubble with a single punch, shot putting a knight and his horse back over the wall of the city he's defending, just monstrously powerful physical feats like that, preferably without having to be as tall as aforementioned city wall in order to accomplish it.

The vohlkev (from RoP: Faerie) have a pretty straightforward path to use ceremony and faerie influence to get amazingly high magnitude spells off (some have called it too straight forward).

Amazingly powerful spells are pretty much the point of the Muspelli from Rival magic

Is there a tradition that uses two "simple" arts in combination aside from the hermetics. Most of the other traditions do either one art/simple ability (vitkir) or use two arts, at least one of which is difficult (Gruagachan, learned magiciians).

Not really. For causing large-scale destruction or creation, the only real tools around are Hermetic magic or direct Power use by a Realm creature, and Hermetic magic isn't really good at "give superhuman capabilities to an individual" on that level.

To put it another way, it's far easier to just ReCo(An) the knight and his horse and launch them into the air.

Gifted sahirs with weak jinn. (Sahirs have two uses for jinn - either they want a weak one to power their spells, or a strong one to do stuff for them.)

I set up a vitkir some time ago who stacked several different effects on to his combat stats (bonus to dex, bonus to weapon attack rating, bonus to skill, etc) who was able to pretty much one shot anything. There is some question regarding whether all of these effects stack I saw nothing specifically preventing it but I got the feeling that this was not authorial intent.

The thread is about what a character with +5 strength would be capable of doing. Thinking that +5 strength might be like Hercules ( lifting a ton+)

That's pretty polite, compared to some of what I have written about Ceremony, in combination with virtue granting powers, or the idea of using CEremony with any tradition that used simple Arts.

Arguably the Sahir. They use a single Art (like Vitkir), but all their totals also (effectively) use Sihr.
This is not an issue with non-Gifted Sahir, as any bonus from Sihr is largely consumed by the need to have a strong enough Jinn available, but for Gifted Sahirs, it can become rather significant, if they can find a suitably low-might Jinn.

Otherwise, none that I can think of. To a point where I'd assumed it was in the authors' guidelines not to create such a tradition.