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Alexander’s Faerie Friend: Loranos
Int: 1 (1) Per:2(3)
Pres:-2(-3) Com:1(1)
Str:-3(-3) Sta:1(1)
Dx:3(6) Quick:1(1)
Incognizant (minor flaw),
size -2 (little: major flaw)
External vis (chisel, grants virtue) (Major virtue)
Compulsion:gambling (minor flaw)
Faerie Instructor (minor virtue)
Ritual power x2 (grant minor virtue: affinity with craft) major x2
Focus power – forest plants (minor virtue)
Sovereign ward (major flaw)
Favors (major flaw)
Ostentatious (major virtue)
Vulnerable to fire (major flaw)
Romaic Greek 5 (75)
Area Lore: Achaea:5 (75)
Craft: woodworking:7 (140)
Folk Ken:2 (10)
Swim:3 (30)
Artes Liberales:1 (5)
Permicarius: 5 (75)
Craft: book binder:1 (5)
Craft: ink maker:1 (5)

Loranos spends his time 'aiding' apprentice craftsmen by lending them an affinity during their apprenticeship while lending them advice that is, in typical faerie fashion, more mystical than helpful, gathering the vitality of their training. As they end their apprenticeship he offers them a wager- all they have learned against making their affinity permanent (which costs him 5 might permanently). If they take the wager he often loses, and takes the vitality he has earned during their apprenticeship to Andrew, who must then 'advance' him the might to be able to make good the wager. If he wins he keeps his pretense points and also the apprentices skill, which he will then seek out someone willing to wager against this skill, wagering skills until he is once again out of human abilities to wager and returns to assisting apprentices.