Sihir/Sahir understanding

I am starting a hermetic sahir character and I have been searching the forums for topics.

I’ve come across 400 year old sahir and infinitely powerful ones. The magic I see associated with this is merely summoning and bargaining with jinn for service.

What am I missing? What are these magical secrets and how would they work?

You are looking at the hermetic sahirs, not the "real" sahirs. Sahirs and the Solomonic Magic they can
wield are detailed in The Cradle & The Crescent.


Thank you very much! So I’m not missing something it’s different!

The Sahirs in The Cradle & The Crescent have a different form of longevity and a different relationship to warping than hermetic magi, so can continue existing a lot longer. Hermetic Sahir are hermetic wizards who use Sihr for the power of summoning jinn and studying from them.