Silly Little Riddle

So while doing dishes I started to think about Ars Magica (my radio is broken). Specifically I started to count all the different techniques that can be used to put a hole in something. Perdo obviously Rego as well. Muto can be used too by changing a part of an object into say air. Then I realized it can be done with Creo as well.

So here is my silly little riddle “What substance may a Mage use Creo on to add a hole”

Now I’m not talking about creating an image of a hole, or adding material in such a way as to make a hole. This riddle is not a play on words either. I’ll post my answer in a couple of days. I fully realize there may be other answers I haven’t thought of their really weren’t that many dishes.

CrIg certainly... :mrgreen:

CrAn to create a mole or other digging animal would work, if you want the hole in the ground.

CrAu to create some air inside something (although this might not work depending on what you think the Hermetic/medieval concept of "air" is).

CrAq to create acid, if you want the hole in something that will react with the acid.

CrHe to create a magnificent Oak tree would work too...if you then remove the tree somehow.

CrIg to burn a hole in something flammable.

CrTe to create a spade. Or to create a knife to create a hole in something like a tent (by appearing the knife in the air, which then drops through the taunt tent material).

Swiss cheese.

(He said he's doing dishes, people!) 8)

Correct! Since swiss cheese is generally considered better the more holes it has. Casting creo on a poorly made swiss would add holes. Beer could also work by adding bubbles


Why would it need to be flammable? Just pour on the flames! :wink: