Simulated battleground?

Since it appears that Humans with creative imagination can change the passage of a story in a Faerie Realm, how far can they change it?

Maybe I have overdosed on the anime "Saga of Tanya the Evil, but I keep envisioning a quasi-WWI battlefield with trench-warfare, hundreds of thousands of faeries combatants, including Goblin infantry, Elf cavalry, Giant artillary, Ogre tanks, Dwarven sappers, and many others on each side, with skybourne witches dog-fighting when they aren't dropping magical firepower on the enemy side.

The commanders of each side are a couple of Magi (either Tremere of Tytalus) that are testing various theories of magical warfare, and the battles and slaughter just keep escalating. Presumably it started off as two faerie lords fielding a chivalrous army against each other.

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This is a "High Fantasy" kind of thing, which is as big as you want it to be. I believe the original "Mythic Places" supplement for 1e/2e had a demonic battleground like this.


Now that I think about it, part of my inspiration was from the Chronicles of Amber series books by Roger Zelazny, where Benedict would restage the same battle in various Shadows just to see what changing a few details would do.

Maube I am just trying to work out how to increase the ability Profession: General through experience with Tactics and Strategy.