Single weapon specialisation

The dual wielding topic brougth a question to my mind:
With the single weapon skill, you can take specialisation "axe & heater shield" or simply "axe." Does that mean that if you take "axe," you wont get your +1 when fighting with an axe and a shield?

No. Youy can get a +1 for axe and nothing else, or axe and anything else in your off hand (shield or otherwise).


And conversely, characters with "heater shield" as a specialty, such as the template characters of the core rulebook will get their +1 with any weapon in combination with a heater shield, but nut when fighting without a shield.

What good would it be to take "axe&heater shield" as specialisation then?

You can't. You pick a weapon OR a shield, not both.

Picking axe & heather would be limiting yourself unnecessarily. You can do it if you want, but your benefit will be smaller than if you selected either one of them as your specialty.



You can't do that if you want. The rules say pick a weapon or pick a shield, not a combo.