Sister Prudence

For development, progress and sheet etc.

Would we be okay with Sister prudence being part of a fareie tradition similar to the Volkhvy, except with "saint Sylvanus" instead of Russian faerie gods?

Depends on how large and powerful. As a small group I dont see any problems. But something on the same scale as Volkhvy is a bit more problematic.

herself, a mentor, and whatever the story might dictate beyond that.

okay, trying to decide on sympathies that will make sense and allow her to "consecrate" a space with a faerie aura (the sympathy trait has to connect to the target in faerie magic. I'm having trouble seeing something like "love" "lust" or "wilderness" allowing her to target a space to raise an aura. Unless we are planning to have an orgy there before the consecration or something. She is a failed nun, would a negative sympathy to religion cover the targeting?

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Yea that should work

so negative to religion, positive to love and lust as a personality flaw :smiley:

Sister Prudence

Int 0 Per 0
Pre 2 Com 4
Str -2 Sta 0
Dex 0 Qui 1

Warping: 2

Virtues: evocation, grant, bonding, faerie sympathy(love), strong faerie blood(nymph), faerie legacy

Flaws: faerie antipathy(monotheism), faerie friend, lusty(major), failed nun, higher purpose, faerie antipathy(enclosures)

Personaility traits: Independant +3, demure +1, mysterious +2


Ability Specialization score XP
Neopalitan Abruzzese 5 0
Folk ken pious 2 15
area lore:Italy 2 15
charm authorities 2 15
theology Catholic 2 15
organization lore:church rites 2 15
organization lore:faerie strega Initiations 3 30
evocation 3 30
grant auras 3 30
bonding 3 30
fairie lore fairie gods 3 30
bargain faeries 3 30

Faerie Sympathies:

Sympathy score XP Max
Love 1 0 6
Monotheism -5 0 5
Enclosures -3 0 5

Sister Prudence grew up hearing the voice of her special friend- her human mother believed it was angels and her human father believed it was devils, but both agreed she belonged in a convent. Her natural antipathies made the convent unbearable, and when she escaped her friend led her to a Strega who practiced the Itallian equivalent of the Volkhvy tradition, and began her training, which she is able to return to learn more (for a price) whenever she wants, but she has gone to spread the word of her friend "Saint Sylvanus" in the meantime, and it was his prodding which led her to connect to Father Sarducci, and through him to the covenant.

Some organizations lore would perhaps be good?