Site connection dropping off?

Hey- a couple times recently, the site has briefly stopped responding. I am in the middle of posting (or editing a recent post, as is my wont), and the site simple goes silent for 5-10 minutes. It did this about 10 minutes ago, and yesterday about this same time (tho' I want to remember almost exactly an hour later, 1:30 my time, not 12:30).

The connection problem does not seem to be on my end, as I can still surf quickly and smoothly in other windows, but the Atlas site is non-responsive, even if I attempt to connect in a new window.

Not a huge problem (so long as it does come back up!), but I thought you might want a heads up on this matter.

Good luck, no response necessary, thnx.


I've experienced something alike it several times - but not recently - and it often meant me loosing a longer post and having to repost :cry: . I've noticed that it happens simultaneous with a similar freezing of the main Atlas site, but more peculiar that when able to reconnect others had been able to post in the meanwhile leading me to think it a problem of connection somewhere between here and Atlas' server?

Michelle said something to me today about our hosting provider having an interruption. Don't know much more than that, but maybe this is what happened.

When I've have the presence of mind for it, and making longer posts, I've mostly learned to use the brilliant Alt + C to copy the text to word or some such before posting, just in case..

Happened again about 15 minutes ago...

Just a heads up.

Connection to the site went down last night between Midnight and 1 am CDT.

I also had difficulty getting to some other sites, so I'm suspecting there may have been maintenance or a netowork problem between my my ISP's upstream providers and your server.


And again, 50 minutes ago, for at least 15 minutes. (from "15 minutes before the hour" until at least "on the hour"). Maybe longer- didn't check until just now. Didn't get a "no server", just got an absolutely, completely blank plain white page, with zero net traffic.

And I was able to surf other sites no prob.

Yeah, there is a hosting problem, it seems. I've encountered similar.

Webmaster/mistress may need to check whether the we're bouncing up against our bandwidth limit (a happy indicator of interest).


Or we're sharing a pipe, and some jackass is downloading their daily/weekly backup and hogging all the bandwidth. :imp:

I've had the above happen 2 or three times in the last 7 days (had it happen this morning while posting in my PbP area, in fact...)...


If this is still happening, let our webmaster Wendy know about it ...