Size and Animal / Mentem

So we have a huge sea monster - and we don't know if it's intelligent or cunning yet.

If it's intelligent we could effect it with mentem spells, without a size modifier as one mind is the base size regardless of the size of the individual.

But if it's cunning we would need to use animal spells - and this would require a substantial size modifier to effect the beast. Am I correct on this?

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<edit poor spelling of "mentum" in post title>

A brain is a brain. Use the mentem guidelines, but using Animal as a form instead of mentem. That is the only change we use :slight_smile:


It gets tricky as Animal is used for both physcial and mental effects, however considering the definitions of Mentem have no doubt than an Animal spell for a mental effect needs no more size modifiers than Mentem does - which is none. Same discussion and same answer.