Skeletons (the old necromant ^^)

Hi all,

I have an idea of magus who uses skeletons. But, if i think Corpus (or Animal if animal skeleton) is the Form, which is the Technique?
I tought:

  • Creo if i create the skeletons from nothing. But which guideline? I can't found another one than "70: raise a body from the dead" which is not what i really want, and its TOO difficult!
  • plus a Rego requisite if i want to control the created skeletons

or if i have some bones: can i Rego them? but, again: which guidelin is the best?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Base CrCo5 (or so) to create a corpse, easy to do.
ReCo to animate the skeleton.


You want to create a "body", or control one, to one extent or another. Creo is "I Create", Rego is "I Control" - see core rules, pages 77-78.

So, Base 5, create an entire human corpse is plenty. Possibly Base 4, if your SG/Troupe agrees that a skeleton is less difficult than an "entire corpse".

For control, the Rego guidelines are clear - Level 10, animate a corpse. (Personally, I don't think, here, animating a skeleton would be significantly less than a corpse, but that's up to you and yours.) See the spell ReCo 25, The Walking Corpse.

Edit: i was writing in answer to the first replier when you posted.

Oh yes you got the idea.

Hum with level 5 you create a corpse. Can i assume that with 4 you create only the bones (as they are only "guide"lines...).

So tadaaam:
Cr(Re)Co 45 (base 4, +1touch, +3moon, +2group, +1 rego requisite, +1 complexity for orders, +1 for 100 skeletons).
THe spell create 100 skeletons, waiting for the orders of the caster which they will try to achieve their best. Their are magical but can use mundane weapons if given.
(Or if not okay with level 4 for bones only, only 50).

Just need now 100 swords and ive got my mundane army.

Hum but what about this stuff about "use the biggest magnitude if requisite" i read somewhere...

No, Level 5 for a corpse. It doesn't get easier just because it is a skeleton. A skeleton is just more "dry". If anything it should be a magnitude higher for "Part", but I think that is being too strict.

However, I don't think you need "Group" and the modifier for quantity. Not sure, but I figure it should be one or the other, not both.

Why : group = 10 individual + 1 size for *10. No?

Okay for 5 then, don't bother me, its just a basic 50 spell.

Just go with Individual and add +2 for x 100. t is an "Individual" army of skeletons. That brings you back to level 45 for 100 skeletal soldiers.

NO IT DOESN'T! :imp:

(Marko, please read (or re-read?) the rules on page 113 - this is not the first time you've made this mistake, and you're confusing the newbies.)

Target:Individual with +2 for size would give the caster an Individual skeleton 100x the normal size. Not useless, but not what was asked for.

That's a risky assumption, unless you speak for the Storyguide and Troupe. Maybe, but risky.

CrCo Base 5 (or 4?) creates the skeletons.
ReCo Base 10 gives the caster control over them.

So the spell starts with the larger one, and becomes a Re(Cr)Co, base 10 effect +1 magnitude for the Creo Requisite (and the discussion of Creo and skeletons is purely academic.)

If you are going to have the spell last duration moon I don't see any reason not to do two spells, one to create your skeletons and a second to animate them.

In fact doing too much with one spell is IMHO not in the best of taste.

The guidelines are indeed only guidelines but at first glance i strikes me that animating your skeletons for a month may be more bang than is warranted by a one magnitude boost in level (and likewise creating skeletons that last a month might be more than a fair value for a creo requisite and boost to a rego spell).

one advantage for creating two spells is that the spell levels will be lower and the penetration therefore higher.

Another is that you can cast the rego spell on any group of skeletons.

A third is that the ability to create large volumes of inanimate matter is really usefull (although you could have just commanded the troops to do noyhing using the combined spell)

Erik, good idea, but here i m more designing some power for a NPC.

And yes, i know. I could have say : he has THIS power and THAT'S. No player would be able to check it.. they would only see the result, not the "maths" behind...

But my sigil is: like to flavour betastories with a taste of rules' respect, if not a taste of "if the rules can't, i can't" flaw

True - creating 100 skeletons would be a great way to clog up a hallway or path while escaping trouble, animated or not.

And Erik's point about 2 spells is wise - if the desired effect is to create an army, there should be ample time to cast 2 spells. (If it were a matter of "summoning" one or ten "here and now" to protect you, I could see a need for a single spell to get the job done.)

There could also be a complaint with creating that many Individuals at Range:Touch - depends on the SG and their vision of magic, but it would be another reason to raise the Range to Voice.

That's why I said I am not sure. Do realize that I have no internet at home, so any time I am posting anything, it means I am at work. Thus nowhere near my books. That is why I write most of my PbP material at night at home, and post it the next day. I do apologize.

I would instill the effect into a magic item to avoid using a ritual spell.

I recommend call the spell some like, "Army of dragons's teeth", "Jason's Banes" or something like that, remembering the old myth of armys birthed of a dragon's teeth. Like a Charged Item is cool too.
Soldier of a Dragon's tooth. Cr(Re)Co(Te)
Duration: Sun, Range: Touch, Target: Individual
Create a Skellet with a Brass spade, that attack to who the user say it.
(Base 10, +2 requisites, +1 touch, +2 Sun)
Charged item.

Until now, itsn't a ritual.

Maybe it should be, if only because it feels like it should be.

I don't see a good reason to be.
Its not permanent creation, not more 20, not bundary.
Nothing to do it ritual.

A spell can also be made a ritual by storyguide fiat, if it feels like it should be a ritual, even if it doesn't warrant it numerically, just the same as a spell magnitude can be tweaked (up or down) if necessary.

A spell that raises an army of skeletons definitely feels like a ritual. Sure, you may cry about the vis cost, but that aside, it seems more appropriate that way to me. But of course, in the end, it's your decision.

The best argument against a single spell is the penetration: no magical beast or magus would be affected by an army like this.

I think that, Cr(Re)Co Base 5 + 1 Rego requisite, + 2 Moon, + 1 Touch (Or Maybe +2 Voice), + 2 Group, +1 Size, maybe could require Ritual for a few more potency from Artes Liberales and Philosophi, and ever should be casted with Wizard Comunion for penetration, and if is a young magi who create the spell speciallly. Other thing is a suplement level for a Highly dtrange effect. The base for the atck is the Trecherous spear or some spell like that.