Skinning Criamons.

Ok just a question, do damage to the imprists damage the gift of a Criamon, and how mutch damage can they take to their skin and more inportadly, how mutch of te imprints can a poor Criamon lose before he or she loose the gift if it damages it?

Yes this question came up in a game, yes my group and I am morbid.

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As for damaging the gift by damaging the Stigmata... Well, I'd actually say yes. If say every line was broken or carved off by meticulous knifework, then I'd say that the Gift would perchance be suppressed for as long as it takes to heal. But as I can't recall any rules that actually mentions this, I'll hafta say that you'll have to base it off your players opinions. If they want losing the Gift as an actual threat, then let skinning a Criamon extinguish his Gift, if they don't want that spectre over their heads, then just the Criamon die... (as 'tis very difficult to survive with no skin...)

is there any eating involved?

Serf's Parma, but since according to HoH:MC the Criamon markings are mystical, not natural in nature (that is, they appear spontaneously, not because someone goes at it with needle and inks), I'd say any attempt to remove them by physically is doomed to failure.

So I'd say the Gift is unharmed, and lobbing off an arm will cause the markings to reappear elsewhere.



Sounds like Goodkinds books...loose the gift when skinned...sheesh :wink:

Hmm, I seem to remember that the imprints fade when someone leaves the House. Don't have the book to double-check but it seems that if that is true, that would imply that the imprints might drive Mystery Virtues but not OTHERWISE impair thier ability to do magic.

Whether canon or not, that would be how I would rule it anyway.


There appear to be 3 tattoo-like things involved here.

  • Stigmata, which are manifestations of the magus' quest for the Enigma, and wouldn't be affected one way or the other. In fact, they might just disappear from the flayed skin, and reappear on the body of the magus.

  • "Basic" tattoos, as described in the box on page 51, do not appear to be linked to a magus' gift, so skinning the bearer of such a tattoo would probably not have mystical consequences. Whether the tattoo itself remains potent would have to be treated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Finally, "Inscritption on the Soul", which is in TMRE, might or might not work like 4th edition Imprints, and removing them might or might not have a direct effect on their bearer, beyond the purely physical. We should know for sure shortly.

Well actualy yes, there were eating involved, we had this crasy Tremere that had his servants capture a Criamon every 10 birtday and he would then skin the Criamon alive and eat the skin and then the Criamon.

Thank you all for the information. I can remember though the the inprints disapear if the Magus leves the House, for it is possible to be given a Criamon inprint even if you are not Criamon.

We're talking about different things here. The Criamon imprints from fourth edition are probably most like inscibing the soul . Fruny laid out the different things that have been described so far in fifth ed. in the post before yours (two up from this one).

Oh my bad, I have 5 ed, but forth and third is what I ostly used, I overlooked that they had gotten different types of inprits. I mean the 4 ed ones.