Sleeping Dogs

I've been playing a PC & console game that should be an interesting resource for FS players & GMs- "Sleeping Dogs". It's a GTA-style game set in contemporary Hong Kong, with the hero character an archetypical Maverick Cop infiltrating the Triads.

What made me think particularly of FS is one of the game missions; you have to break into a gangster's house and screw up its feng shui by moving stuff around and setting his clocks to 4:44.

It's also got beautiful recreations of HK- not strictly accurate, but when has that mattered in FS? :slight_smile:

I agree, I'm now using the Hong-Kong from that game to visualise in my head the scenes and places I describe to my players. The game made it easy for me to remember that Central is uppity, North-Point is popular, that kind of things. Re-reading the description in the book never really helped, but with the videogame, I have it all in my head.

And it's fun to spot places from movies I watched ! In the game I found the apartment building where Jackie Chan's girlfriend is harrassed by gangsters in Police Story 2 !

Sleeping Dogs was my baseline concept for the playtest of the game I ran last year. Lots of awesome Triad background and plots, perfect fuel for Feng Shui 2.