Slo-mo Vengeance

Okay, if I'm reading this right, Slo-Mo Vengeance (from Gorilla Warfare) lets you take one shot during which you do nothing but Dodge, and get +1 to your subsequent attack; you can do this once per Schtick.

Is this supposed to add to the standard Aiming bonus? Is it meant to be extra time you can spend aiming (already at +3 max)? I just don't see the point.

Recommended change:

Slo-Mo Vengeance: For every Schtick you take in Slo-Mo Vengeance, you gain an additional +1 to your AV for every shot you spend aiming, up to a maximum of three schticks (at which point, you get +4 to your AV for each of the 1-3 shots you aim). Attacks made this way cannot then be snapshot.

That would be my ruling on things too; certainly as it stands it seems pretty redundant.


Multiple bonus for a single shot aiming? Heinous!

I'd say it extends the number of shots you can spend aiming, plus allowing you to make active dodges while aiming.

I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty damn cool. Several shots of Active Dodge followed by an AV bonus on the next shot? My kind of schtick. Next time I play a Killer, that schtick's going on the list. Maybe combine with Carnival of Carnage or 10,000 Bullets for effectiveness against both mooks and named characters.

What I infer from this schtick is that you can NOT dodge while aiming. The difference is that one lets you dodge and the other not.

But I agree that this schtick is puzzling (I asked the same question some time back).

Hmm. My take on it: Each schtick allows you to dodge for a shot (+3 DV) and add +1 to your next attack. The description would appear to prevent aiming during Slo-Mo, since that would be an action other than dodge. Essentially, each schtick combines the same bonus you'd get aiming with an active dodge, only with Slo-Mo you don't have to stop at +3.

And while I wouldn't allow aiming before or during Slo-Mo, there might be an argument that you could aim after Slo-Mo, since the description only specifies your next Guns check, but doesn't explicitly say it has to happen on the shot immediately after Slo-Mo is done.