So, I'm thinikg about a new podcast...

I tried my hand at vlogging, but I'm not very good at it, and even the people who excel at it, like say Wheezy Waiter, take an hour to make a four minute video. I don't have that time now that I have a new munchkin.

On the other hand I've been recording audiobooks into the public domain for years through Librivox, and I have my own little studio in my study, so I have the gear and expertise to podcast. Also, its one of the easy things I can do in my spare time with a new bub. The background of the audio can get uneven if you record in little bits and snatches, but I think I can deal with that pretty easily, or just convince people not to care.

So, I'm thinking about it.

What sort of stuff would people like covered? It won't be a two-hander with interviews like Arcane Connection (which is brilliant and I'm not wanting to suggest these are competitors in any way.) I think I'd like to focus it so that if you were outside the Ars community, this could still be useful for other RPG games, so monsters and history and hooks, not so much stats which work badly in audio anyway.

Any ideas gratefully received.

This sounds interesting.

So, avoiding game mechanics, but staying within the setting of Ars Magica the following things come to mind:
*Short intro to Mythic Europe and the Order of Hermes. If non-ArM people see an episide 1 which introduces them, they might stay for the rest of the show. But it wouldn't make sense of they did not know about the basics.
*Covenants and Councils. Ideas and tips for managing the covenant and running 'at home' stories. Charters and how the magi interact. Covenfolk and Grogs, how these can be playes and interact witht he magi
*Magi Relations. Ideas and tips for managing and running stories where magi interact with other magi and covenants: trading, alliances, rivalries, enmity. And also Tribunals, House meetings, Gilds/Leagues/Confraternities
*Interaction with the mundanes. The fine line between Mundane Interference and not breaking the Code. Dealing with the Church, nobility, guilds etc.

These are some things I'd like to hear the takes on by another ArM player

I love podcasts, great idea!

Especially to interest gamers outside of Ars Magica:

  • Explaining history as influenced by magi (and thus the kind of games Ars players are involved in)
  • Topics on the realms of power, especially how a character's action can interest demons, faeries, and the divine. How difficult demons can be, since they are very hard to detect and even seem like someone helpful to your plans of killing your opponents.
  • How covenants are unique in roleplaying settings. Players have a place to defend and develop besides just their characters.
  • Troupe style play over one character play