So, I'm thinking about vlogging...

I'm doing a certificate in training for work, and for part of it, I need to record myself doing presentations. In a fit of madness, instead of just borrowing a camera from my boss, I've just bought one of my own. I was thinking "What else can I do with this?" and I thought "You could do what John and Hank Green do...but less well.".

So, I'm thinking of doing a series of vlogs, just to see how the technology and equipment work. Any suggestions for themes of episodes would be great, because otherwise it will just be me rambling to the camera like a madman.

(Note, my gear has only just been ordered, so I may not see it for weeks, then I need to learn how to use it, so don't expect any episodes soon.)

So, any advice, help or ideas gratefully received.

If I were making an Ars Magica-related vlog, I would start with a couple of short "how-to" videos to get a feel for the medium.

How to design and cast a spontaneous spell

How to run 5E combat smoothly

That sort of thing...

BTW, if someone on the forum could help out by linking to Timothy's vlog from Project: Redcap, that would be much appreciated. I don't have the time and energy to keep up with all the creative output of the forums, and could use some help sharing your good stuff with the broader community.

I'd love to see a 'behind the curtain' from an ST perspective. "When we made the 5th ed rules for talismans, we wanted to make the following changes..." or "The most efficient way to handle craft magic in Covenants was arrived at by..."

Unfortunately, the NDA that authors sign prohibits discussing the creative process in any detail.

If I had a series of short videos I could show to prospective players to explain what makes Ars different than traditional fantasy RPGs, and to explain what makes the setting exciting, I would use those videos every goddamn week.

I eant make my own. Not about Ars Magica, not my first idea; but yes my good and enjoyable idea.

I'd watch it. A suggestion is to have more than one person in the presentation, as it makes for more dynamic viewing.

I would love to see Timothy talk about House Jerbiton and House Tremere history.

Oooh, excellent suggestion :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be awesome.

..and we begin.

(It's not great!)

Superb! comments will follow when I'm back in and not using my phone to browse!

Bravo, I really enjoyed it.

cj x

A couple more are up: follow the link above. Facebook hasn't distributed the links for them yet because I'm using them in a library training event on Wednesday which will forward them to my Facebook / Twitter peeps.

They are not great, but I'm learning a lot.

Next week I start my series on why Ars Magica is cool for non-players. I'm going to try and go Latin-free, House name free, jargon light for at least 4 videos. Currently planned to be 5 minutes or less and to come out on Fridays, but all feedback very welcome.