Social spelunking (autumn 1220)

in which the second cave expedition of the fall departs...
who all will be going and which cave (the obvious cave or the inhabited cave) will you be starting down?

[tab][/tab] Maffeo would like to be with the expedition on the inhabited one (NOT the crab one). If too many senior magi show interest , he will reluctantly stay behind, after badgering someone to take as many notes as he/she can...

Tomas is interested, assuming the plan is a short expedition (yeah, reality can make a mess of things.) If there are too many magi already out (not sure when this is relative to the folks who took a detour) he will stay, as there should be someone to work with the companions who are doing the real work of getting us organized.

Vulpus and Garcin are both willing to go, but Vulpus advises against invading the inhabited cave, and suggests the "obvious" one is likely trapped.

I vote for the obious cave.

Tayma also votes for the obvious cave if she gets a vote. She doesn't think they should invade anyone's home.

As Garcin approaches the cave, hear can hear the echoing "chimes" of differing forms of vis from deeper in the cave. (assuming he is wearing the loaned "queer ear" enchanted item)

Garcin will initially wear both earrings, but quickly finds the chiming to be irritating and possibly interfering with his hearing. He'll mention the vis up ahead, but take off the items before going deeper. After Vupus' warning, he'll be specifically looking for traps, deadfalls, or other hazards.

What form of lighting is being used?

Frederic offers to cast “vision of heats light” to some member of the group. So they could see the heat of objects and human body´s.
He will suggest someone only tunes his vision by “eyes of the cat”. This is to have somebody still able to see faces and read texts.
Frederic will create some dimmed light (just enough light for eyes of the cat) that could be covered with one hand if needed. He will attach the light to pebble stones with duration sun. And hand over the “light stones” to everyone who likes to have one.

“A torch or a candle will indicate our presence. With my spells nobody can see us, but we can see everyone.”

OCC: Using Vision of Heat's light could be dangerous as it enables the target to see only thing that are at a human body temperature or hotter. This could be dangerous, if there are pits or steep slopes.

Nicolae will asks in romany to Flavius:

"Hey Flavius, I was told you are quite apt with fire, why don't you light a torch or something ? Caves can be treacherous, and I'd rather use my own senses; I know what to expect from them."

And then to everyone:

"Listen folks, as the pretty girl here just said", says Nicolae, mocking Garcin with a friendly tone, "there is vis down there, and there are probably wild animals too. If we encounter some down, let me talk with them before slicing or burning them, okay ? There is no need for bloodshed."

Garcin will glower a little at Nicolae, but he's really not as touchy about flippant behavior as other Spaniards, and knows Nicolae well. Besides that, he actually is "pretty" although like most men he prefers the term handsome.

"I would also prefer natural light. Not only will we be more comfortable with it, but I think giving warning to the indigs is a pretty good idea so they can stay clear.

"We aren't thieves in the night cloaked in darkness. We shouldn't be sneaking around." Tayma adds in support of Garcin "And what's a vis?" Tayma asks obviously lacking in magic lore or theory.

"Well, it's kinda like magical money. The magi are always wanting more.", Garcin explained. "Here, let me show you.". He holds up a earring of braided silver wire to Tamya's ear. Assuming she allows him, he'll gently gently thread it through her lobe and brush an errant hair from her eyes. "I think it suits you, Grey Lady", he adds softly.

Once she is wearing the earring she can hear a soft tinkling noise from ahead, as if a soft bell is being rung. As she moves or turns her head, the tinkling gets softer or louder depending on whether she faces the depths of the cave.

Frederic grapes his knife uses some magical words and gestures to ignite the blade (base 3 touch +1 sun +2). Offering the burning knife to Tayma he says:
“If you want fire I´m happy to give it to you! Just be careful not to burn yourself. By the way calling a Flambeau a thief is one way to seriously burn you.”
He will hand over the knife:
”I will go in know. You may follow and carry the light!”
Frederic turns around angrily and walks in deeper in the cave for some paces taking one of the glooming stones with him. Then he will cast eyes of the cat on himself and have a look around.

The cave extends back 20 feet before it narrows to being two feet wide, sloping downwards. 40 feet in walking sideways this opens up into a large gaping chasm which extends beyond your sight left, right, and downwards, with a ceiling visible 15 feet above you. It appears to be 20 feet across, and there is no clearly visible ledge on the other side.
The sound of vis appears to be coming from below.

Frederic casts Visions of heat light with duration conc to see if there are “hotsposts” around.

There are none.

Frederic picks up a small stone and creates a dim light equivalent to moonlight on the stone (for now just with duration diameter). Then he throws the stone down.

Tomas follows Frederic quickly, but not so fast as to outpace the illumination. When Frederic stops to do the observation, Tomas will catch up with him, and once the spell is cast, say quietly "Friend Flameau, I think she called herself a thief more than any other."