Solitude - the covenant at Chilhac

The village of Chilhac has a population of 89. It is situated north of the Allier river and has a bridge. The village consists of the 12 domus (families/houses).
Three of them are lower Chilhac, close to the bridge. They are a miller a boat maker and a trader who has two rooms for guests.
The other 9 domus live in upper Chilhac up the hill where the stone church can be found. There is a bailiff and a priest, both of the Clergues family. You can find a handful of part-time craftsmen, but most people keep sheep and sell the wool (fleecing and washing are tasks for the women) and the cheese. Most families have kitchen gardens and some land they use for farming, but the soils yield poor harvests which is why sheep are so dominant. The three richest domus keep cattle, and the Clergues amily and the trader own horses.
There is a tower that grandly calls itself a castle, inhabited by the BĂ©raud family, the only nobes in Chilhac. Theoretically the village belongs to them and they tax their neighbors reasonably because they know how poor they are.
It is to Brioude (4 hours to the north) that the villagers go for fine clothing and tools, because they can manage a return trip in one day. Le Puys, nine hours to the east offers a better choice of wares, but the villagers rarely need glassware or high qualitty writing supplies and are disinclined to travel so far.

The covenant is 1 hour's walk north-west of Chilhac. It is built inside a caldera (magic aura: 3). There is a central well, 56 paces deep. The local shepherds consider it unlucky, and keep their sheep away from it. There are a few houses and the autocrat lives there to direct the shepherds that are the covenant's income source.

The central well is natural, volcanic. It was adapted by the Celts:

So the Celtic worshipped Belenus, their God of healing, there (which explains the +1CrCo bonus inside the well). The druids offered him sacrifices (both animals and humans). The covenant can get up to 10p of vis per year by pushing victims down the well (An or Co vis, depends on the victim). The vis can then be harvested from their smashed bodies. The locals know that sheep falling into the well serve "to feed the mountains". Human sacrifices are no longer en vogue. Nobody knows for sure what happens if the mountain is no longer fed...

Bastion ex Bonisagus is from Chilhac and since he still has family there, he set up a research covenant there and invited young magi who could appreciate a quiet site. He also asked around in the tribunal for support and found it in both Castra Solis and Aedes Mercurii (Castra Solis wanted the tribunal to have a presence in Auvergne and Aedes Mercurii didn't want a new covenant to be indebted to their enemies - among other reasons). Rather than having to borrow, he received a gift of some money and vis - enough to establish the covenant and hire some people. It was a magus from Aedes Mercurii that made the stairs and carved the three levels of rooms inside the well (lvl1: storage/council, lvl2: labs, lvl3: living quartes of the magi)