Solomon ex Verditius

I am starting to sort Solomon out, and hope to have a first draft by the end of the weekend. Solomon will prove to be rather awkward in social situations, due to his own somewhat introverted and driven lab-oriented nature and a sheltered upbringing. Physically I see him as having the physique of a distance runner (slight, scrawny even) and being a bit gawkish (a hint of Mr Bean).

I am set on taking Vendetta (this is part of the reason for my concepts of Solomon's Venditore - he'll use the fellow for all the grubby work - largely because he won't understand how to deal with the situation himself). I have also been wondering about taking Primogeniture Lineage (placing him theoretically in line for the Primus position in the House) not because I see him becoming head of house, but because I see him as such an unlikely candidate. I would welcome GM and Sodales' thoughts on this, as I imagine (indeed hope) it would get the Covenant into the odd awkward situation as a result.

More later!

Do what you wish. I good with anything.

My write up follows - it is a work in progress and I've not bought all his starting spells yet.

Regards all


Solomon the Journeyman ex Verditus
Ne Ktenas Largitionales

Int +4 (analytical), Per +1 (intent stare), Pre -2 (gawkish), Com +1 (academic vocabulary)
Str 0 (non-descript), Sta +2 (a stayer), Dex 0 (precise), Qik -1 (too meticulous)

Age: 32 (7 years out of Apprenticeship)
Afflictions: None
Size: 0
Confidence: 1(3)
Hubris: tbc

*The Gift,
*Verditius Magic,
Affinity with Craft Jewellery +1,
Book learner +1,
Flawless Magic +3,
Great Intelligence +1,
Minor Magical Focus (working metals) +1,
Puissant Muto +1,
Skilled Parens +1,
Well Travelled +1

*Casting Tools,
Ability Block -1 (Martial),
Driven -3 (Perfectionist Lab Rat),
Motion Sickness -1,
Sheltered Upbringing -1 (blushes when a woman enters the room),
Slow Caster -1,
Vendetta -3 (Parens’ rival)

Personality Traits: Academic+3, Socially Awkward -2, Fastidious +2
Reputations: none
Voting Sigil: A miniature bar of gold bullion
Casting Sigil: His magical energies manifest as golden twists of Celtic knotwork

Soak: 1
Fatigue Levels: Fresh, Winded, Weary, Tired, Dazed, Unconscious.
Body Levels: OK, 1-5 Light, 6-10 Medium, 11-15 Heavy, 16-20 Incapacitated, 21+ Dead.

Abilities: [75 (native language) +45 (childhood 1-5) +75 (pre-apprentice 6-10) +120 (apprenticeship) +60 (skilled parens) +50 (well travelled)]

Childhood (45 + language):
Awareness 1 (5), Arabic 1 (5), Charm 1 (5), Constantinople Area Lore 2 (15), Folk Ken 2 (15), Greek 5 (75)

Pre-apprenticehip and Apprenticeship (305):
Artes Liberales 1 (5), Awareness 1 (5), Code of Hermes 1 (5), Concentration 1 (5), Craft Jewellery 5 (50 + Affinity), Etiquette 1 (5), Finesse 1 (5), Gaelic 3 (30), Hibernia Area Lore 2 (15), House Verditius Lore 1 (5), Latin 5 (75), Lemnos Area Lore 2 (15), Magic Lore 1 (5), Magic Theory 3 (30), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (5), Parma Magica 2 (15), Penetration 1 (5), Philosophae 2 (15), Ride 1 (5), Verditius Cult Lore 1 (5)

Arts: [ 120 base]
Cr 5 (15), In 5 (15), Mu 10 (36, +2 puissant), Pe 1 (1), Re 5(15)
An 1(1), Aq 1(1), Au 1(1), Co 1(1), He 1(1),
Ig 1(1), Im 1(1), Me 5 (15), Te 1(1), Vi 5(15)

Spells: [120 base, +30 skilled parens]

Confusion of the Numbed Will, ReMe15 (p151)
Crystal Dart, MuTe10 (p154)
Edge of the Razor, MuTe20 (p154)
Pains of the Perpetual Worry, CrMe20 (p148)
Past of Another, MuMe25 (p149 -2 levels for reduction to Sun Duration)
Probe for Pure Gold, InTe4 (p153 - a modified version of Probe for Pure Silver)
Recollection of Memories Never Quite Lived, MuMe5 (p149 +1 extra level for Moon Duration)
Trust of Childlike Faith, PeMe10 (p150)
Wielding the Invisible Sling, ReTe10 (p155)
Wizard’s Sidestep, ReIm10 (p147)

Twilight Points: 0
Twilight Level: 0
Twilight Effects: None
Decrepitude: 0
Equipment: Casting tools – a set of miniature cast silver tools, each carrying the symbol for the appropriate art, on a chain about his neck.

Working metals feels way too broad for a minor focus, I'm not even sure I'd allow it as a major. If something like Swords is a Minor and Arms and Armor is a major, I'm inclined to say that perhaps taking a Major in one type of metal would be a suitable major? Anyway, just my two cents.

Hmm, well I'm reading 'Slightly narrower than a single technique and form combination' so I'm going for 'slightly narrower than MuTe. The book sites 'self transformation' as one example (which is slightly narrower than MuCo I guess) and Healing (which seems extremely broad to me compared to 'working metals'). Still, all thoughts welcome.

Ah! I was thinking that you were wanting to use it to apply to anytime you were crafting with metal. You can see why I was a little worried? :smiley:

Erm - well I am, actually. To be clear I am equating the notion of 'Craft' with Muto - i.e. the change from one form into another. A Major Focus is 'slightly narrower than a single Art' so for example 'slightly narrower than ALL Muto, regardless for the associated Form'. A Minor Focus is 'slightly narrower than a(much more constrained) Tech/Form combo' so 'slightly narrower than MuTe' is 'crafting (i.e. changing/transforming) but only on metals. He only has (at least initially) craft precious metals - so in game terms we're looking at gold, silver etc., which specific to Solomon means the whole thing presents in a narrower field again. That said he'll probably learn other smithying skills in later life so I do intend a slightly broader application later (best to be upfront I say!)

The problem I have with this is, again it feels too broad. As stated earlier example Foci for Item Crafting include: Swords ( Minor ) and Arms and Armor ( Major ). Taking Metalworking just feels way too broad. Since you're not talking about the type of effect you're casting and rather applying it to all items of a certain type you create, you need to toss the Foci guidelines out the window ( Theres no practical way to apply them ).

My suggestions for a good Foci are as follows: Precious Metals ( Major ), Jewelry ( Major ), Gold ( Minor ), Silver ( Minor ).

Anywho, just my two cents.

Post-apprenticeship – year 1 (30+ points):
Sheltered Upbringing +5xp Verditius Cult Lore to 1 (10) + SPECIAL
+30xp Artes Liberales to 3 (35)

Post-apprenticeship – year 2 (10+ points):
3 seasons Vendetta +15xp Mentem to 7 (30) + SPECIAL
+10 xp Corpus to 4 (11)

Post-apprenticeship – year 3 (10+ points):
3 seasons Driven +15xp Verditius Cult Lore to 2 (25) + SPECIAL
+10 xp Verditius Cult Lore to 3 (35)

Post-apprenticeship – year 4 (40 points):
+20xp to Philosophae to 3 (35)
+10xp Muto to 11 (incl. puissant 46)
+10xp Creo to 7 (30)

Post-apprenticeship – year 5 (40 points):
+10xp Bargain to 2 (15)
+10xp Code of Hermes to 2 (15)
+20xp Parma to 3 (35)

Post-apprenticeship – year 6 (40 points):
+20xp Craft Jewellery to 6 (70 + affinity)
+10xp Corpus to 6 (21)
+10xp House Verditius Lore to 2 (15)

Post-apprenticeship – year 7 (40 points):
+40xp Magic Theory to 4 (70)

Solomon post the 7 years:

By 7 Years Post Apprenticeship- Skills:
Arabic 1 (5), Artes Liberales 3 (35), Awareness 1 (5), Bargain 2 (15), Charm 1 (5), Code of Hermes 2 (15), Concentration 1 (5), Constantinople Area Lore 2 (15), Craft Jewellery 6 (70 + Affinity), Etiquette 1 (5), Finesse 1 (5), Folk Ken 2 (15), Gaelic 3 (30), Greek 5 (75), Hibernia Area Lore 2 (15), House Verditius Lore 2 (15), Latin 5 (75), Lemnos Area Lore 2 (15), Magic Lore 4 (70), Magic Theory 3 (30), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (5), Parma Magica 3 (35), Penetration 1 (5), Philosophae 3 (35), Ride 1 (5), Verditius Cult Lore 3 (35)

By 7 Years Post Apprenticeship – Arts:
Cr 7 (30), In 5 (15), Mu 11 (46, +2 puissant), Pe 1 (1), Re 5(15)
An 1(1), Aq 1(1), Au 1(1), Co 6(21), He 1(1),
Ig 1(1), Im 1(1), Me 7 (30), Te 1(1), Vi 5(15)

I think I need to tweak 'Jewelry' because really what I have in mind is precious metals - specifically gold and silver. Can I use that as a speciality? The margins between the crafts is slim - the primary driver for the difference is the cost of materials. Thoughts welcome!

The Largitionales family was famous throughout Constantinople for their fine goldsmithing, and from the moment he was born and his father saw his delicate fingers and peering inquisitive eyes, the boy Ktenas was marked to join the family trade. He was spotted by his Parens when the Magus was shopping around for someone to help him craft an artifact. At first the Magus had intended simply to ask Ktenas’ father to help him in his project, but then the boy entered the room and immediately caught the eye. Ktenas exuded a distant, gawkish air but was spotted immediately as being Gifted. The Magus kept an eye on the boy in following years – returning annually in person for one project or another – and when Ktenas’ obsessive perfectionist qualities started to manifest in his own smithing work the Mage recognised that within Verditius these characteristics would be considered a great boon. He was trained on the isle of Lemnos, at Ingasia Covenent, home to the Primus Soturitius ex Verditius – from whose line Ktenas’ own Parens hails. His Parens named him Solomon, after his obsession with Gold.

Solomon was a diligent student, but retreated almost exclusively to his Parens’ forge, assisting on a host of projects, including one which was to cause some embarrassment (to say the least) later in life.

How many would you deem 'a few Vis' to be in character creation with regards the 'special thing' you can get for story flaws etc.? Being Verditius I figure I'm going to be quite Vis hungry, hence the question.

3 pawns could be a reward.