Some cards' meaning Questions of Cthulhu Gloom (basic)

I had bought Cthulhu Gloom (basic) and played a few times.

Recently, I want to introduct (and translate) this game to my asians friends,
and I found some questions below: (all about meanings, not rules)

Q1. The UD: Said "Hastur" Thrice
The interesting text (italic type) below this card says that "Your idea of a mysteric tome is a D&D manual."
i know who hastur is, and know mysteric tome is likely a D&D item card(not sure, because i haven't played D&D games yet).
But, what exactly the relationship betwene Hastur and mysteric tome or D&D ?

Q2. The UD: Was Burned Alive
The italic type word below is: "It's a perfectly normal response to discovering your simian ancestry."
Does it mean simian ancestry would burn you when you met them?

Q3. The Modifier: Was Followed By Fungi
I know what is Mi-Go, but don't know what "No, you stay... Mi-Go" exactly means?

Q4. The Modifier: Was Spotted at A Speakeasy
what does the text "Hopefully it's NOT an enchanted evening" mean?

thank you all for answering!!! My English is as terrible as Flying Polyps... :confused:

My apologies for the delayed response - I've been offline for the last few weeks.

  1. The original D&D manual "Deities & Demigods" introduced the idea that is you said "Hastur", there was a chance that Hastur would show up & attack you... despite the many things that contradict this in the actual source material (IE, Hastur is a place). So an old D&D joke has the wizard finding a scroll and saying "I don't get it... it just says 'Hastur Hastur Hastur'" and being doomed. So the joke is that you're getting your mystical knowledge from reading D&D books instead of the real thing.

  2. It's a reference to the HPL short story "The Facts Concerning The Late Arthur Jermyn And His Family."

  3. It's a play on the phrase "You stay, me go" (as in, I'll go and you stay).

  4. Generally, describing something as an "enchanted evening" suggests that it's a pleasant time. Here, you can look at it two ways. First, in a Lovecraftian context, being enchanted is rarely a good thing. Second, the Modifier allows other people to play happy cards on you; so when you play it, you hope that they don't have happy cards to play.

I hope this helps!

Thank you.
It's very clear~

And I'm so glade to have Designer's replies !! 8)