Some Faerie spells

I'm kicking around some Faerie spell ideas and wondering what magnitudes would be recomended for them, before range and duration are added.

Caricature of the Inner Self:
Muto Imaginem, Mentum req
This spell changes the appearence, all sences, of a person based on their personalitity traits. Brave Men become more Knightly, Vengeful ones look more dastardly, Compationate people look more saintly.

Sight of a Lover's Honest Heart
Intellego Mentum, Imaginem req
This spell grant's a person the ability to see in other people the things the person, whom this spell was cast upon, values the most in people, if it is there. This is communicated by way of physical beauty. So if this were cast on you, other people that exhibit the characteristics your heart desires become more attractive to you and people that are bad for you become less attractive.
A person with his spell cast upon them may find people they long for to be disgusting and people they never paid attention too become alluring. This is largly subjective.

Visage of the Heart's Tempest
Creo Imaginem, Mentem req
This spell adds visual effects to excentuate the emotional state of the person this spell is cast upon. If the person get's angry, fire or smoke may come out of their ears... If they get sad, they look more gloomy.

Interesting spell, though i think id like perhaps to rename it as "Caricature..."?

Dastardly hard to come up with a proper base level...
The comparisons listed dont really match up well.
Try a base 5 perhaps?
Its similar to Aura of Ennobled Presence but with lots of extra complexity... Base 5 or 10 plus the requisite makes for a final base 10 or 15, pretty ok i hope?
Perhaps adding the ability to have the spell only affect EITHER good OR bad personality traits? Or make that variations of the spell to keep the base level as is.

Ooh neat spell...
Anything from level 10 to 30, you could argue that sensing "All emotions" is enough, just as well as you could argue that its like "Learn all you wish from target" but more complex...
I would probably go higher rather than lower with this one.

Lol, special effects added!
You could arguably give this a base level of just 1, but i would suggest a good deal higher.
And i think this spell should probably be Intellego Mentem base level 10 with Creo Imaginem requisites.
So, an adjusted base 20 then, not bad for a very amusing AND useful spell.

Thanks DIREWOLF75 for your input.

I saw the entry in Muto Mentum that it was a level 15 effect(base) to make the mind visible... Imaginem reg for the illusionary form. Then my mind went wild.

Sight of the Lover's Honest Heart would definitly be a bit high in magnitude. I see this as being a spell cast on people to help them find their True Love/Friend.

After seeing the nice stable hand has a crush on the bar maid, but she's interested in some dufus, cast it on the bar maid and hope for the best.
Creo Plot :slight_smile:

Yeah very interesting and good spell ideas.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Now that is what I would call a very important break through. Thankfully I'm blessed with co-players with quite impressive scores in this Tech/Form combo.

I really like the idéas behind these spells and should definitely have some more mentem and imaginem for my faerie-blooded Magus. Think about the possibilities of the Caricature with a Bloodline target :smiling_imp:


Sounds like she is going for the same sort of thing that my mentem mage in my offline saga does.

There was that one day she was traveling with one of the other mages and they stopped at a tavern. he had gentle gift and +3 presence so she looked around the room until she found three women that had interest in them and MuMe them from interest to full lust. He had an interesting night and she was mightily amused.

Sort of... more of a match maker really.

Since a love spell is a form of oppression and not "real" .

So she wouldn't cast one that creates love, but would want to help people find it.

Now that I have time to look at the books ...

Visage of the Heart's Tempest
This spell adds visual effects to accentuate the emotional state of the person this spell is cast upon. If the person get's angry, fire or smoke may come out of their ears... If they get sad, they look more gloomy.

It would be nice to say it is an Imaginem spell only adding 1 magnitude for mentem, but the mentem effect is higher level than the creation of the illusion, so mentem should be the base level.

would be more like: Muto Mentem, Imaginem req if the emotion itself was transformed into an image. That would be interesting, and quite a different spell, to turn emotions into Faerie.

What strikes me as odd is Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie has no reqs, even though it is actually creating frosted breath on the target. Detecting Lies is one magnitude higher than detecting one emotion and Frosty Breath is lvl 20, eye, concentration, ind.

Since Frosty breath has a physical effect, the Imaginem req may be considered cosmetic... Also the spell is a Faerie attuned spell, created from the magics of dreams. It may have a better time translating the emotions into images. Since that is the essence of Faerie, dreams come alive.

I would want the spell to be easier to "control" than Frosty Breath though. So instead of Communication + guile of 15+ to overcome the affect. I'm thinking a roll of 9+ could fool the spell. If so that would make it great for the Stage, cast it on a jester or actor (on the idea good actors make themselves feel their character's emotions).