Some items I came up with for my Verditius

I made a Verdi for my character, who specialized in structures, boundaries and basically a style that meshes well with Sacred Geometry. HEre are some of the creations I've come up with (these were posted before also).

  1. The Merciful Door. The Door is enchanted to effect
    the chamber behind it providing a +18 recovery bonus
    to those within. It is not always on, it must be
    activated at Sunrise and Sunset (3 gentle raps on the
    door from either side) in order to avoid a constant
    magical effect on the inhabitants of the room.

CrCo Base 15, Range: Touch Duration: Sun Target: Room
total 40

Effect Frequency: 2 per day +1
Total level: 41
Vis Required (for a Wooden door): 8 Vim to open the
enchantment 5 Creo or Corpus for the effect. Or just
5 Creo or Corpus for a lesser Instilled device. For
only 5 levels higher (and no extra Vis) the effect can
be instilled into an entire Structure rather than a

  1. The Wandering Fortress. A stone figurine of a
    tower is enchanted so that when given the command it
    will grow into a guard tower, with stone walls and
    battlements, and a grated chimney, and stout wooden
    doors. The final size is 40 feet tall and a 10 foot
    foundation, and typically 2 (wooden) floors plus
    stairs to connect them and access to the bare roof

Base 3, Range: +1 Touch Duration: +2 Sun Target:
Individual +2 Size, +1 Elaborate design. Herbam
Requisite. Total 35

2 Uses per day +1
Continued Effect +1 (allows the tower to be maintained
by a second activation rather than returned to normal
and then grown again)

Total Effect: 37
Vis Used: 4 Vim (Material: Stone, Size: Tiny) to open
the enchantment. 4 Pawns Creo or Terram (and Herbam
as well if no Creo is used) to instill the effect, or
just 5 pawns to make lesser enchanted device.

  1. Walls of Healing Stone. A stone decoration is
    enchanted to heal and mend broken walls and fissures
    of the structure it is implanted in. It only effects
    one structure. It will effect the fortress for
    example, but not a set of walls around it that are not
    attached and vice versa. It can heal completely over
    the course of a day a hole of up to Size +3 per day,
    or any number of smaller holes adding up to size +3.

Base 3, Range:+1 Touch, Duration:+2 Sun, Target: +3
Structure Total: 25

Effects Per day: 2 +1
Environmental Trigger (Sun): +3

Total effect: 29

Vis Required: 4 to open (Form: Stone, Size: Tiny), 3
Creo or Terram Vis for the effect, or 3 Creo or Terram
alone for a lesser enchanted device.

For the last one, the main question is how fast do the walls actually heal. The method I listed I'm not too fond of. I think a better and more paradigmic method would be to say as much wall is repaired as can be done by a skilled mason in a day's worth of work, constantly. That means the walls are basically maintained 24/7 by a skilled mason, getting two days of work each day. Or perhaps a team or duo of workers.

With an effect level of 40 won't every inhabitant of the room get a warping point every time they come under the effect?

Non ritual creo spells are going to have a duration to them. So if the decoration is removed from the wall all of the dammage ever repaired by the enchanted item would come back come sunrise or sunset. Do you hold a different view?

I think that to repair the wall you'd either want rego (to repair the wall as if a skilled mason were working on it) or muto (to make the wall grow as if it were a plant).

But for creo healing I don't see why the effect couldn't be instantainious (appart from it not looking as cool)

I think they'd get 1 the first day, and then 1 for each season, but not 1 each day it is applied. So Heavily wounded and Incapacitated characters would get at least 2 Warping points in a Season, lesser wounded characters would get 1 because they wouldn't be in it long enough. That same heavily wounded character would need to spend at least another month in the room to heal completely and should get a 3rd Warping point. At +18 recovery there is virtually no way they could not heal in the room no matter how wounded they were.

But I could be wrong. That just seems to be a bit harsh to have Warping accumulate so easily when healing when it seems that the Recovery bonus is the best way to heal with magic.

This particular effect is the example of a nonritual permanent heal/creation. In the Broken Covenant of Calebais they give an example of armor and shield that are enchanted with this same kind of effect. Basically the CrTe effect with a Sun duration, 2 times a day, and an Environmental trigger makes the effect permanent; as long as the item is on. If this effect were on a living creature then there'd be warping galore though.

I agree with this interpretation it seems to follow the spirit of the rules even if it disagrees with thr letter of them (and I haven't checked to be sure that it does).

I think that we're in agreement then. Don't you think that if the armor and sheild were ever disenchanted all of the damage that was ever done to them would reappear.

Definitely. As soon as the magic item is gone or destroyed then the effect will no longer apply. At the next Sunrise or Sunset the walls will show their actual damage.